Triskaidekafiles is a love letter to cheesy cinema from the 80s and 90s, with the occasional dip into other eras.  if you're a fan of MST3K, Elvira, Joe Bob Briggs, or just bad horror movies in general, Trisk is the place for you.

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Night of the Demons 2 (1994)


WRITER: Joe Augustyn

DIRECTOR: Brian Trenchard-Smith

STARRING: Christi Harris as Bibi
    Darin Heames as Z-Boy
    Bobby Jacoby as Perry
    Merle Kennedy as Mouse
    Amelia Kinkade as Angela
    Rod McCary as Father Bob
    Johnny Moran as Johnny
    Rick Peter as Rick
    Jennifer Rhodes as Sister Gloria
    Christine Taylor as Terri
    Zoe Trilling as Shirley
    Ladd York as Kurt

QUICK CUT: Angela is back, and this time she has a sister, and a whole Catholic private school to mess with!

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976-EVIL 2: The Astral Factor (1991)


WRITER: Screenplay by Eric Anjou
    From a story by Rick Glassman

DIRECTOR: Jim Wynorski

STARRING: Patrick O'Bryan as Spike
    Rene Assa as Mr. Grubeck
    Paul Coufos as Stone
    Leslie Ryan as Paula
    Debbie James as Robin

QUICK CUT: Hey!  Remember that movie I reviewed five years ago?  It's baaa-ack!  In an almost totally unrealted story, that has at least some tennuous ties, like an evil horoscope phone line that seduces people to do evil deeds.

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Trees 2: The Root of All Evil (2004)


WRITERS: Michael V. Pleckaitis
    Jim Lawter

DIRECTOR: Michael V. Pleckaitis

STARRING: Kevin McCauley as Ranger Mark Cody
    Philip Gardiner as Max Cooper
    Mary Ann Nilan as Helen Cody
    Brandi Lynn Coppock as Agent Bentley
    Ron Palillo as Dougie Styles
    Lorne Lakin as Deputy Dusty
    Trish Dunn as Darla Styles
    Raymond Michaud as Mayor Jim Swindell
    Brian Reid as Agent Royce
    Peter Randazzo as Squint

QUICK CUT: Just when you thought it was safe to watch a bad movie, Trees barfs up a sequel about Ranger Cody still being tormented by living, killer trees as a large group of them rampage through Hazelville, Vermont.

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Troll 2 (1991)


WRITER: Drake Floyd

DIRECTOR: Drake Floyd

STARRING: Michael Stephenson as Joshua
    George Hardy as Michael
    Margo Prey as Diana
    Connie McFarland as Holly
    Robert Ormsby as Seth
    Deborah Reed as Creedence
    Jason Wright as Elliott
    Darren Ewing as Arnold
    Jason Steadman as Drew
    David McConnell as Brent

QUICK CUT: A family goes on a little vacation by way of a house swap with another family in the country.  Once they're there, they get tormented by trolls, a crazy witch, and a dead grandfather.  And then it gets weird.

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Horror 102 (2004)


WRITER: Ana Clavell

DIRECTOR: Ana Clavell

STARRING: Jeremy Aldridge as Raymond Gerry
    Shasa Dabner as Bebe Hillerman
    Melissa Frederick as Maddie Engel
    Christopher Hawkins as P.J. Lansing
    Joshua Allen Heck as George Becker
    Lukas Langer as Taffy
    Anna Lerbom as Heid Leifdotter
    Michael Moon as Owen
    Simon Zonatto as Paul Barron

QUICK CUT: A group of students gather in an abandoned building to go on a field trip, until they start dropping off one by one in strange circumstances.

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Curse of the Puppet Master (1998)


WRITER: Benjamin Carr

DIRECTOR: David Decoteau, by way of Victoria Sloan

STARRING: George Peck as Dr. Magrew
    Emily Harrison as Jane
    Josh Green as Robert

QUICK CUT: Those puppets you just can't keep down are back again, and this time they're hanging out in cages while their new puppet master with no connection to any previous movie tries to get a dimwitted fella with a gift for carving to make a new puppet.

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Silent Night, Deadly Night 5: The Toy Maker (1991)


WRITERS: Martin Kitrosser and Brian Yuzna

DIRECTOR: Martin Kitrosser

STARRING: Jane Higginson as Sarah Quinn
    Tracy Fraim as Noah Adams
    Brian Bremer as Pino
    William Thorne as Derek
    Neith Hunter as Kim
    Amy L. Taylor as Merideth
    Eric Welch as Buck
    Van Quattro as Tom Quinn
    Clint Howard as Ricky
    Conan Yuzna as Lonnie
    Mickey Rooney as Joe Petto

QUICK CUT: After her husband is killed by a mysterious Christmas present that no one feels like investigating, Sarah and her son keep getting visited by people fom the last movie, and a strange toy maker and his son.  And then things get really, really weird.

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Silent Night, Deadly Night 4: Initiation (1990)


WRITERS: Story by S.J. Smith, Arthur H. Gorson, and Brian Yuzna
    Screenplay by Woody Keith

DIRECTOR: Brian Yuzna

STARRING: Maud Adams as Fima
    Tommy Hinkley as Hank
    Allyce Beasley as Janice
    Clint Howard as Ricky
    Neith Hunter as Kim
    Marjean Holden as Jane
    Jeanne Bates as Katherine
    Laurel Lockhart as Ann
    Ben Slack as Gus
    Conan Yuzna as Lonnie

QUICK CUT: Forget everything you ever knew about the Silent Night, Deadly Night series, folks!  Because this movies starts fresh!  So fresh it has nothing to do with Christmas!  Or Santas!  But it has plenty of a vindictive coven setting people on fire, and infecting people with worms!  Wait, what?!

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Silent Night, Deadly Night 3: Better Watch Out! (1989)


WRITERS: Screenplay by Carlos Laszlo
    From a story by C. Laszlo, M. Hellman, and A. H. Gorson

DIRECTOR: Monte Hellman

STARRING: Richard Beymer as Dr. Newbury
    Bill Moseley as Ricky
    Samantha Scully as Laura
    Eric Da Re as Chris
    Laura Herring as Jerri
    Elizabeth Hoffman as Granny
    Robert Culp as Lt. Connelly

QUICK CUT: The guy that just wouldn't die, Ricky Chapman, or Chambers, or Chuffed If I Know Anymore is still alive, somehow, but with serious brain damage from being in the first two films.  He is reached by a psychic though, and wakes up to kill everyone she knows as a way of saying thanks.

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Silent Night, Deadly Night 2 (1987)


WRITERS: Story by Lee Harry, Joseph E. Earle, Dennis Patterson, and Lawrence Applebaum
    Screenplay by Lee Harry and Joseph E. Earl


STARRING: Eric Freeman as Ricky Caldwell
    James L. Newman as Dr. Henry Bloom
    Elizabeth Cayton as Jennifer
    Jean Miller as Mother Superior
    Corinne Gelfan as Mrs. Rosenberg
    Michael Combatti as Mr. Rosenberg
    Kenneth Bryan James as Chip
    Frank Novak as Loan Shark
    Randy Baughman as Eddie
    Joanne White as Paula
    Nadya Wynd as Sister Mary
    J. Aubrey Island as Orderly
    Randy Post as Loudmouth in Theater

QUICK CUT: Crazy Billy's little brother is now all grown up, and thanks to his brother being shot to death at his feet, he's just as screwed up, and we get to hear all the gory details of his past craziness, as he sits in an interogation room and tells his tale to a psychiatrist.

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Species 3 (2004)


WRITER: Ben Ripley

DIRECTOR: Brad Turner

STARRING: Robin Dunne as Dean
    Robert Knepper as Dr. Abbot
    Amelia Cooke as Amelia
    J.P. Pitoc as Hastings
    Michael Warren as Agent Wasach
    Christopher Neame as Dr. Nicholas Turner
    Patricia Bethune as Colleen
    Joel Stoffer as Portus
    James Leo Ryan as Yosef
    Savanna Fields as Young Sara
    Natasha Henstridge as Eve
    Sunny Mabrey as Sara

QUICK CUT: The hybrid aliens are back for more killing and screwing, but this time Eve is out of the picture, and we focus on a new generation of alien sex machines.  Which is the name of my Nickleback cover band.

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Puppet Master 5 (1994)


WRITERS: Screenplay by Steven E. Carr, Jo Duffy, Todd Henschell, and Doug Aarniokoski & Keith Payson


STARRING: Gordon Currie as Rick Meyers
    Chandra West as Susie
    Ian Ogilvy as Jennings
    Teresa Hill as Lauren
    Nicholas Guest as Hendy
    Willard Pugh as Jason
    Duane Whitaker as Scott
    Guy Rolfe as Andre Toulon

QUICK CUT: More puppets, more demon puppets, more stabby action.  You get the drill by now, right?  This picks up shortly after Puppet Master 4, and finishes up the half baked, half finished plot of that movie.  Just like Harry Potter!

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Revenge (1986)


WRITERS: Story by James Vance
    Written by Christopher Lewis

DIRECTOR: Christopher Lewis

STARRING: Patrick Wayne as Michael Hogan
    John Carradine as Senator Bradford
    Bennie Lee McGowan as Gracie Moore
    Josef Hardy as Doctor White

QUICK CUT: The blood cult is back!  Joel's brother comes to pay his disrespect, and gets sucked into the unanswered mysteries circling around this Oklahoman town.

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Ripper 2: Letter From Within (2004)


WRITERS: Screenplay by Jonas Quastel & John Sheppard
    Additional screenplay by Pat Bermel
    Story by Evan Tylor & Jonas Quastel

DIRECTORS: Lloyd A. Simandl & Jonas Quastel

STARRING: Erin Karpluk as Molly Keller
    Nicholas Irons as Erich Goeth
    Jane Peachey as Lara Svetlana
    Mhairi Steenbock as Juliette Dureau
    Colin Lawrence as Roberto Edwards
    Myfanwy Waring as Sally Trigg
    Daniel Cooman as Grant Jessup
    Richard Bremmer as Dr. Weisser

QUICK CUT: Molly Keller is still crazy, may or may not be Jack the Ripper's descendant, and still trying to get help.  This time, she's subjected to a highly experimental virtual reality treatment to cure her sociopathic tendencies, and it works a little too well.

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Puppet Master 4 (1993)


WRITERS: Screenplay by Todd Henschell, Steven E. Carr, Jo Duffy, and Doug Aarniokoski & Keith Payson.


STARRING: Gordon Currie as Rick Myers
    Chandra West as Susie
    Jason Adams as Cameron
    Teresa Hill as Lauren
    Felton Perry as Dr. Carl Baker
    Stacie Randall as Dr. Leslie Piper
    Guy Rolfe as Andre Toulon

QUICK CUT: Toulon's puppets are back AGAIN, and this time their history is arguably delved into as the source of their magic life-giving elixir shows up to stop the secrets of it from being discovered.  Meanwhile, a tech geek is trying to create artificial life while playing with robots.

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Jack Frost 2: The Revenge of the Mutant Killer Snowman (2000)


WRITER & DIRECTOR: Michael Cooney

STARRING: Christopher Allport as Sam Tiler
    Eileen Seeley as Anne Tiler
    Chip Heller as Joe
    Marsha Clark as Marla
    Ray Cooney as the Colonel
    David Allen Brooks as Agent Manners
    Sean Patrick Murphy as Captain Fun
    Tai Bennet as Bobby
    Jennifer Lyons as Rose
    Shonda Farr as Ashlea
    Granger Green as Paisley
    Ian Abercrombie as Doctor
    Scott MacDonald as the voice of Jack Frost

QUICK CUT: After suffering a nervous breakdown following the events of the first Jack Frost movie, Sheriff Sam Tiler tries to get away from Snowmonton for the holidays, but while vacationing in the tropics for Christmas he learns the hard way that you can't escape the wrath of Jack Frost.

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Puppet Master 3 (1991)


WRITER: C. Courtney Joyner

DIRECTOR: David DeCoteau

STARRING: Guy Rolfe as Andre Toulon
   Sarah Douglas as Elsa Toulon
   Walter Gotell as General Mueller
   Ian Abercrombie as Dr. Hess
   Kristofer Logan as Lt. Eric Stein
   Aron Eisenberg as Peter Hertz
   Matthew Faison as Papa Hertz
   Richard Lynch as Major Kraus

QUICK CUT: Before Toulon's puppets were bloodthirsty killers, they lived simple lives as living puppet performers in his show.  But World War II changed all that, and changed Toulon, and things would never be the same again.

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Curse 2: The Bite (1988)


WRITERS: Susan Zelouf & Federico Prosperi

DIRECTOR: Fred Goodwin

STARRING: Jill Schoelen as Lisa Snipes
   J. Eddie Peck as Clark Newman
   Jamie Farr as Harry Morton
   Bo Svenson as The Sheriff

QUICK CUT: The aftermath of the events at the Gardner farm come home to roost, as the space goo infects more water and more people...wait, what?  This has nothing to do with the first movie?  At all?  Then what's this about?  A radioactive snake bites a guy and turns his arm into a snake?  What does that have to do with a meteor from space poisoning the water supply??  How is this a sequel?  Sigh.

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Puppet Master 2 (1991)


WRITERS:  Story by Charles Band
   Screenplay by David Pablan

DIRECTOR: David Allen

Elizabeth Maclellean as Carolyn Bramwell/Elsa
   Collin Bernsen as Michael Kenney
   Gregory Webb as Patrick Bramwell
   Charlie Spradlin as Wanda
   Steve Welles as Andre Toulon
   Jeff Weston as Lance
   Nita Talbot as Camille Kenney

SYNOPSIS: The puppety ones are back to wreak vengance upon a group of paranormal investigators looking into the death of Alex Whitaker from the original movie.  And this time, they've brought their creator.

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Corpse Grinders 2 (2000)


WRITER: Ted V. Mikels

DIRECTOR: Ted V. Mikels

Sean Morelli as Landau
   Andy Freeman as Maltby
   Chuck Alford as Caleb
   Liz Renay as Cleo
   Shanti as Felina
   Paul MacDonald as Dr Howard Glass
   Cara Jo Basso as Angie
   Ted V. Mikels as Professor Mikoff
   Gene Paul Jones as Borath

SYNOPSIS: The nephews of Landau and Maltby team up to revive their uncles' legacy, in more ways than just making the best darn cat food out there.  They also encounter a surprising number of people with exactly the same names and jobs as their uncles met.  Oh, and there's cat aliens looking for a little something to eat lurking around.

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