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976-EVIL 2: The Astral Factor (1991)


WRITER: Screenplay by Eric Anjou
    From a story by Rick Glassman

DIRECTOR: Jim Wynorski

STARRING: Patrick O'Bryan as Spike
    Rene Assa as Mr. Grubeck
    Paul Coufos as Stone
    Leslie Ryan as Paula
    Debbie James as Robin

QUICK CUT: Hey!  Remember that movie I reviewed five years ago?  It's baaa-ack!  In an almost totally unrealted story, that has at least some tennuous ties, like an evil horoscope phone line that seduces people to do evil deeds.

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Metamorphosis: The Astral Factor (1990)


WRITER:  Story and Screenplay by Glenn Takakjian
    Additional story material by Ted A. Bohus

DIRECTOR: Glenn Takakjian

STARRING: Tara Leigh as Sherry Griffen
    Tony Gigante as Mitchell
    Dianna Flaherty as Kim Griffen
    Katherine Romaine as Nancy Kane
    George Gerard as Michael Foster
    Allen Lewis Rickman as Dr. Elliot Stein
    Patrick Barnes as Brian
    Greg Sullivan as Jarrett
    Marcus Powell as Dr. Viallini

QUICK CUT: A scientist's work is threatened when he is bitten by an alien creature he's experimenting on, and once he begins to transform, the experimentation is turned on himself.  What could possibly go...wait...

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