Triskaidekafiles is a love letter to cheesy cinema from the 80s and 90s, with the occasional dip into other eras.  if you're a fan of MST3K, Elvira, Joe Bob Briggs, or just bad horror movies in general, Trisk is the place for you.

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Nemesis (1992)


WRITER: Rebecca Charles

DIRECTOR: Albert Pyun

STARRING: Olivier Gruner as Alex

Tim Thomerson as Farnsworth

Cary-Hiroyuki Tagawa as Angie-Liv

Merle Kennedy as Max Impact

Marjorie Monaghan as Jared

QUICK CUT: Alex Rain, disgraced cop, goes on a quest to find his ex lover Jared, and along the way, maybe he finds himself as well.

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M.A.R.K. 13 (1990)


WRITER: Richard Stanley

DIRECTOR: Richard Stanley

STARRING: Dylan McDermott as Mo
    Stacey Travis as Jill
    John Lynch as Shades
    William Hootkins as Lincoln
    Iggy Pop as Angry Bob

QUICK CUT: In a nuclear irradiated future where industry and war has used up much of the Earth, a scavenger brings some scrap home to his artist girlfriend, and she uses it in her sculptures.  Oh, and also, the scrap is parts of a homicidal self-repairing killbot that pulls itself back together.

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Warning from Space (1956)


WRITER: Screenplay by Hideo Oguni

DIRECTOR: Koji Shima

STARRING: Keizo Kawasaki as Toru
    Toyomi Karita as Hikari Aozora/Ginko
    Shozo Nanbu as Dr. Isobe
    Bontaro Miake as Dr. Komura
    Mieko Nagai as Taeko

QUICK CUT: Starfish aliens come to Earth for mysterious reasons, cause a panic in Tokyo, and decide to turn one of their own into a clone of a popular dancer to communicate with scientists with less screaming and terror.  Oh, and also, there's a planet about to crash into us.

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The Clones (1973)


WRITER: Screenplay by Steve Fisher
    Original story by Paul Hunt and Lamar Card

DIRECTOR: Paul Hunt and Lamar Card

STARRING: Michael Greene as Dr. Gerald Appleby
    Gregory Sierra as Nemo
    Otis Young as Sawyer
    Susan Hunt as Penny
    Stanley Adams as Carl Swafford
    John Barrymore Jr. as Brooks Brothers Hippy

QUICK CUT: A scientist narrowly escapes a lab accident, but soon discovers there is someone running around with his face.  It's a running chase to figure out what's going on, before someone catches up with him and makes sure there's no duplicates.

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Bad Channels (1992)


WRITER: Screenplay by Jackson Barr

DIRECTOR: Ted Nicolaou

STARRING: Paul Hipp as Dan O'Dare
    Martha Quinn as Lisa Cummings
    Aaron Lustig as Vernon Locknut
    Michael Huddleston as Corky
    Victor Rogers as Sheriff Earl Hickman
    Charlie Spradling as Cookie
    Melissa Behr as Nurse Ginger
    Daryl Strauss as Bunny
    Roumel Reaux as Flip Humble

QUICK CUT: A local radio station is upgrading to a nationwide broadcast over station 66, on the same night that it just so happens to be overtaken by an alien looking to abduct a couple girls.  Hey, it happens!

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Metamorphosis: The Astral Factor (1990)


WRITER:  Story and Screenplay by Glenn Takakjian
    Additional story material by Ted A. Bohus

DIRECTOR: Glenn Takakjian

STARRING: Tara Leigh as Sherry Griffen
    Tony Gigante as Mitchell
    Dianna Flaherty as Kim Griffen
    Katherine Romaine as Nancy Kane
    George Gerard as Michael Foster
    Allen Lewis Rickman as Dr. Elliot Stein
    Patrick Barnes as Brian
    Greg Sullivan as Jarrett
    Marcus Powell as Dr. Viallini

QUICK CUT: A scientist's work is threatened when he is bitten by an alien creature he's experimenting on, and once he begins to transform, the experimentation is turned on himself.  What could possibly go...wait...

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Repligator (1996)


WRITER: Keith Kjornes
    Additonal material by Wynn Winberg and T.G. Weems

DIRECTOR: Bret McCormick

STARRING: Gunnar Hansen as Dr. Kildare
    Keith Kjornes as Dr. Oliver
    Randy Clower as Dr. Fields
    TJ Myers as Dr. Hardy
    Carl Merritt as Col. Sanders
    Rocky Patterson as Col. Sargeant
    Alan York as General Mills
    Tyler Mason as West

QUICK CUT: Military experiments go awry and turn soldiers into women.  And then there's alligator people.  Somehow.  Cover up poor Science's eyes, he doesn't wanna see this.

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Robot Wars (1993)


WRITERS: Based on an original idea by Charles Band
    Screenplay by Jackson Barr

DIRECTOR: Albert Band

STARRING: Don Michael Paul as Drake
    Barbara Crampton as Leda
    James Staley as Stumpy
    Lisa Rinna as Annie
    Danny Kamekona as Wa-Lee
    Yuji Okumoto as Chou-Sing
    Peter Haskell as Rooney

QUICK CUT: In another future that is vaguely similar to Robot Jox, but NOT THE SAME AT ALL, the last remaining mega robot is all that stands between the North Hemi nation being taken over by the Centros and the Eastern Alliance.  Brace yourselves for a lot of futurey sounding locations!

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Split Second (1992)


WRITER: Gary Scott Thompson

DIRECTOR: Tony Maylam

STARRING: Rutger Hauer as Harley Stone
    Kim Cattrall as Michelle
    Neil Duncan as Dick Durkin
    Alun Armstrong as Thrasher
    Pete Postlethwaite as Paulsen
    Michael J. Pollard as The Rat Catcher

QUICK CUT: In the far flung future of six years ago, detective Harley Stone tracks down a killer leaving heartless bodies in its wake.

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Embryo (1974)


WRITER: Screenplay by Anita Doohan and Jack W. Thomas
    Script by Jack W. Thomas

DIRECTOR: Ralph Nelson

STARRING: Rock Hudson as Dr. Paul Holliston
    Dianne Ladd as Martha Douglas
    Anne Schedeen as Helen Holliston
    John Elerick as Gordon Holliston
    Jack Colvin as Dr. Jim Winston
    Roddy McDowall as Frank Riley
    Barbara Carrera as Victoria    

QUICK CUT: After a scientist saves an unborn puppy with a new medical treatment and rapidly grows it to adulthood, he decides to try it on a human foetus.  What could possibly go wrong??

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Robot Jox (1990)


WRITERS: Story by Stuart Gordon
    Screenplay by Joe Haldeman

DIRECTOR: Stuart Gordon

STARRING: Gary Graham as Achilles
    Anne-Marie Johnson as Athena
    Paul Koslo as Alexander
    Robert Sampson as Commissioner Jameson
    Danny Kamekona as Dr. Matsumoto
    Hilary Mason as Professor LaPlace
    Michael Alldredge as Tex

QUICK CUT: In the near future, after the world has beend devastated by nuclear war, conflicts are resolved by one on one gladiatorial combat.  With uh, giant piloted robots.  Because that's a thing.

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