Triskaidekafiles is a love letter to cheesy cinema from the 80s and 90s, with the occasional dip into other eras.  if you're a fan of MST3K, Elvira, Joe Bob Briggs, or just bad horror movies in general, Trisk is the place for you.

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Witchouse (1999)


WRITERS: Original story by Charles Band

Written by Matthew Jason Walsh


STARRING: Matt Raftery as Jack

Monica Serene Garnich as Jennifer

Brooke Mueller as Janet

Ashley McKinney as Elizabeth

Dave Oren Ward as Tony

Marissa Tait as Maria

Dane Northcutt as Scott

Kimberly Pullis as Margaret

Jason Faunt as Bob

Ryan Scott Greene as Brad

Ariauna Albright as Lilith

QUICK CUT: A group of friends gather for a <del>Halloween</del> party hosted by an old friend of theres, and things go horribly wrong as secrets come out.

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Puppet Master vs. Demonic Toys (2004)


WRITER: Courtney Joyner

DIRECTOR: Ted Nicolaou

STARRING: Corey Feldman as Robert Toulon

Vanessa Angel as Erica Sharpe

Danielle Keaton as Alex Toulon

Silvia Suvadova as Jessica Russell

QUICK CUT: A toy company seeks to stop a small time rival before their power grows too strong.

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Shadowzone (1990)


WRITER: J.S. Cardone

DIRECTOR: J.S. Cardone

STARRING: David Beecroft as Captain Hickock
    James Hong as Van Fleet
    Shawn Weatherly as Kidwell
    Miguel Nunez as Wiley    
    Lu Leonard as Cutter
    Frederick Flynn as Shivers
    Louise Fletcher as Dr. Erhart

QUICK CUT: A team in an isolated base are beset upon by a shapechanging creature not of this Earth.

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Invisible: The Chronicles of Benjamin Knight (1993)


WRITER: Earl Kenton

DIRECTOR: Jack Ersgard

STARRING: Brian Cousins as Wade
    Jennifer Nash as Zanna
    Michael Dellafemina as Benjamin
    Curt Lowens as Drago
    David Kaufman as Ryder

QUICK CUT: A man has trouble being seen during work conflicts, and eventually lets someone else do all the work.

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The Pit and the Pendulum (1991)


WRITER: Screenplay by Denis Paoli

DIRECTOR: Stuart Gordon

STARRING: Lance Henriksen as Torquemada
    Rona de Ricci as Maria
    Jonathan Fuller as Antonio
    Frances Bay as Esmerelda
    Mark Margolis as Mendoza
    Jeffrey Combs as Francisco
    Stephen Lee as Gomez
    Oliver Reed as The Cardinal

QUICK CUT: In 15th century Spain, amidst the Inquisition, a man and woman struggle to stay together, even though their love goes against the wishes of the church.

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Doctor Mordrid (1992)


WRITER: Screenplay by C. Courtney Joyner

DIRECTORS: Albert Band and Charles Band

STARRING: Jeffrey Combs as Doctor Anton Mordrid
    Yvette Nipar as Samantha Hunt
    Jay Acovone as Tony Gaudio
    Keith Coulouris as Adrian
    Ritch Brinkley as Gunner
    Brian Thompson as Kabal

QUICK CUT: Can't wait for Doctor Strange this weekend?  Then you should sit back and watch Doctor Mordrid in the meantime.

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Mandroid (1993)


WRITER: Earl Kenton and Jackson Barr

DIRECTOR: Jack Ersgard

STARRING: Brian Cousins as Wade
    Jane Caldwell as Zanna
    Michael Dellafemina as Benjamin
    Curt Lowens as Drago
    Patrick Ersgard as Joe
    Robert Symonds as Karl Zimmer

QUICK CUT: A group of scientists try to better the world with their inventions, while another scientist tries to steal them for his own purposes.

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Crash and Burn (1990)


WRITER: Screenplay by J.S. Cardone

DIRECTOR: Charles Band

STARRING: Paul Ganus as Tyson Keen
    Megan Ward as Arren
    Bill Moseley as Quinn
    Eva Larue as Parice
    Jack McGee as Winston Wickett
    Elizabeth MacLellan as Sandra
    Katherine Armstrong as Christie
    Ralph Waite as Lathan Hooks

QUICK CUT: A group of people band together to weather out a storm and make some television, while playing with robot toys.

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The Creeps (1997)


WRITER: Benjamin Carr

DIRECTOR: Charles Band

STARRING: Rhonda Griffin as Anna Quarrels
    Justin Lauer as David Raleigh
    Bill Moynihan as Winston Berber
    Kristin Norton as Miss Christina
    Jon Simanton as Wolfman
    Joe Smith as Mummy
    Thomas Wellington as Frankenstein's Monster
    Phil Fondacaro as Dracula

QUICK CUT: The classic monsters of our nightmares have been brought to life!  Dracula!  Frankenstein's Monster!  The Mummy!  The Wolfman!!  Our only hope at stopping them is a librarian and a private eye slash DVD store clerk!  Oh, and also, the monsters have been brought to life at one third their actual size.  ...Oi.

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Killjoy 2

KILLJOY 2 (2002)

WRITER:  Douglass Snauffer
    Tammi Sutton

DIRECTOR: Tammi Sutton

STARRING: Charles Austin as Nic
    Olimpia Fernandez as Charlotte
    Debbie Rochon as Denise Martinez
    Logan Alexander as Harris Redding
    Jermaine Cheeseborough as Eddie
    Nicole Pulliam as Ce-Ce
    Rhonda Claerbaut as Kadja
    Choice Skinner as Ray Ray
    Trent Haaga as Killjoy

QUICK CUT: The clown prince of Hell is back, eventually, to kill more people, and this time he's doing it in the middle of the woods.

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Totem (1999)


WRITERS: Original story by Charles Band
    Written by Benjamin Carr

DIRECTOR: Martin Tate

STARRING: Jason Faunt as Paul
    Marissa Tait as Alma
    Eric W. Edwards as Len
    Tyler Anderson as Robert
    Sacha Spencer as Roz
    Alicia Lagano as Tina

QUICK CUT: A group of people find themselves at a mysterious cabin in the woods, trapped by a mysterious forcefield, and mysteriously forced to mysteriously kill each other for mysterious reasons and in a mysterious order.  Oh, and also, mysteriously enough, this is not the movie you're thinking of.

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Blood Dolls (1999)


WRITER: Charles Band

DIRECTOR: Charles Band


Jack Maturin as Virgil Travis
    Debra Mayer as Moira Yulin
    William Paul Burns as Mascaro
    Warren Draper as Harrison Yulin
    Nicholas Worth as George Warbeck
    Jodie Coady as Mercy Shaw
    Phil Fondacaro as Hylas
    Naomi McClure as Cindy Agami
    Jason Pace as Howard Loftus
    Venesa Talor as Cotton Baby
    Yvette Lera as Razor Baby
    Persia White as Black Baby

QUICK CUT: After a failed attempt at ruining reclusive and eccentric businessman Virgil Travis, the man takes it upon himself to seek revenge.  With living, killer dolls.  As one does.

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Bad Channels (1992)


WRITER: Screenplay by Jackson Barr

DIRECTOR: Ted Nicolaou

STARRING: Paul Hipp as Dan O'Dare
    Martha Quinn as Lisa Cummings
    Aaron Lustig as Vernon Locknut
    Michael Huddleston as Corky
    Victor Rogers as Sheriff Earl Hickman
    Charlie Spradling as Cookie
    Melissa Behr as Nurse Ginger
    Daryl Strauss as Bunny
    Roumel Reaux as Flip Humble

QUICK CUT: A local radio station is upgrading to a nationwide broadcast over station 66, on the same night that it just so happens to be overtaken by an alien looking to abduct a couple girls.  Hey, it happens!

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Talisman (1998)


WRITER: Benjamin Carr

DIRECTOR: David DeCoteau as Victoria Sloan

STARRING: Billy Parish as Elias
    Walter Jones as Jacob
    Jason Adelman as Burke
    Ilinca Goia as Lilia

QUICK CUT: Just an averag boarding school for boys in the middle of nowhere Europe, until it is suddenly besieged by some dude with glowing eyes ripping out hearts.  Well, that's one way to ruin your test scores.

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Robot Wars (1993)


WRITERS: Based on an original idea by Charles Band
    Screenplay by Jackson Barr

DIRECTOR: Albert Band

STARRING: Don Michael Paul as Drake
    Barbara Crampton as Leda
    James Staley as Stumpy
    Lisa Rinna as Annie
    Danny Kamekona as Wa-Lee
    Yuji Okumoto as Chou-Sing
    Peter Haskell as Rooney

QUICK CUT: In another future that is vaguely similar to Robot Jox, but NOT THE SAME AT ALL, the last remaining mega robot is all that stands between the North Hemi nation being taken over by the Centros and the Eastern Alliance.  Brace yourselves for a lot of futurey sounding locations!

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Retro Puppet Master (1999)


WRITER: Original story by Charles Band
    Screenplay by Benjamin Carr

DIRECTOR: Joseph Tennent

STARRING: Greg Sestero as Young Toulon
    Brigitta Dau as Ilsa/Elsa
    Jack Donner as Afzel
    Stephan Blackehart as First Servant
    Guy Rolfe as Elder Toulon

QUICK CUT: As we near our 100th review, and on this Friday the 13th, journey back with us to a time beyond time, puppets before puppets, and witness the creation of the Puppet Master, in this final review from the boxed set, and one of the main influences behind Trisk.

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Killjoy (2000)


WRITER: Carl Washington

DIRECTOR: Craig Ross

STARRING: Angel Vargas as Killjoy
    Vera Yell as Jada
    Lee Marks as Jamal
    "D" Austin as Monique
    Jamal Grimes as Michael
    Corey Hampton as T-Bone
    Rani Goulant as Baby Boy
    Arthur Burghardt as Homeless Man
    William L. Johnson as Lorenzo

QUICK CUT: A young man dies before his time, and a year later, the instrument of his revenge is called forth from beyond the grave, paited in white makeup, and somehow manages to not be Brandon Lee.

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Deathbed (2002)


WRITER: John Strysik

DIRECTOR: Danny Draven

STARRING: Tanya Dempsey as Karen
    Brave Matthews as Jerry
    Joe Estevez as Art
    Meagan Magnum as Female ghost
    Dukey Flyswatter as The Strangler ghost.

QUICK CUT: A couple move into a nice little apartment in LA, and slowly discover that their cozy new home has a rather dark past.

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Robot Jox (1990)


WRITERS: Story by Stuart Gordon
    Screenplay by Joe Haldeman

DIRECTOR: Stuart Gordon

STARRING: Gary Graham as Achilles
    Anne-Marie Johnson as Athena
    Paul Koslo as Alexander
    Robert Sampson as Commissioner Jameson
    Danny Kamekona as Dr. Matsumoto
    Hilary Mason as Professor LaPlace
    Michael Alldredge as Tex

QUICK CUT: In the near future, after the world has beend devastated by nuclear war, conflicts are resolved by one on one gladiatorial combat.  With uh, giant piloted robots.  Because that's a thing.

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Arcade (1993)


WRITER: Screenplay by David S. Goyer

DIRECTOR: Albert Pyun

STARRING: Megan Ward as Alex Manning
    Peter Billingsley as Nick
    John DeLancie as Difford
    Sharon Farrell as Alex's mom
    Seth Green as Stilts
    A.J. Langer as Laurie
    Norbert Weisser as Albert

QUICK CUT: When Dante's Inferno gets a preview of the hot new video game Arcade, no one suspects that it is secretly alive and killing people.

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