Triskaidekafiles is a love letter to cheesy cinema from the 80s and 90s, with the occasional dip into other eras.  if you're a fan of MST3K, Elvira, Joe Bob Briggs, or just bad horror movies in general, Trisk is the place for you.

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Alien: Reign of Man (2017)


WRITER: Justin Price

DIRECTOR: Justin Price

STARRING: Khu as The Heroine

Cameron White as Reed

Deanna Grace Congo as Constance

Samantha R. Garcia as Tilly

Justin Price as Seagon

QUICK CUT: A lot of stuff we don’t care about happens to a bunch of people we don’t know on a planet we don’t know about with a backstory we don’t get told in a plot that goes nowhere.

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Phobe: The Xenophobic Experiments (1995)


WRITER: Story & Screenplay by Erica Benedikty

DIRECTOR: Erica Benedikty

STARRING: John Rubick as Sgt. Gregory Dapp
    Tina Dumoulin as Jennifer
    Lyon Tenbroeck as Rob
    Merv Wrighton as Phobe

QUICK CUT: A new man comes to Toronto in search of an old associate, and along the way he makes some friends and finds some eggs.

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Mandroid (1993)


WRITER: Earl Kenton and Jackson Barr

DIRECTOR: Jack Ersgard

STARRING: Brian Cousins as Wade
    Jane Caldwell as Zanna
    Michael Dellafemina as Benjamin
    Curt Lowens as Drago
    Patrick Ersgard as Joe
    Robert Symonds as Karl Zimmer

QUICK CUT: A group of scientists try to better the world with their inventions, while another scientist tries to steal them for his own purposes.

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