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So let's just ignore that I have not updated the front page in six months...

Happy summer, Triskelions!  To celebrate, I've decided to dive into the lake and go for a summer long swim in slasher movies.  The slasher in the woods/slasher at camp subgenre has been a staple since at LEAST Friday the 13th.  Get your characters in a secluded area, kill 'em off when they could be believed to have wandered off and got lost.  Simple plot device, and it works SO well.  Plus, the woods are full of scary things before you even drop the guy with the machete in the shadows.

To celebrate, I am doing an entire series of reviews spotlighting slashers in the woods.  I tried for summer camp slashers, but with the few I have already done, and wanting to avoid any more Jason movies, it became difficult.  So I still have a few campers, but broadened slightly to just people camping randomly in the woods.

So enjoy Trisk's summer long SUMMER OF SLASHERS event, with the following mystery reviews!

  • JUNE 1st - Don't Go in the Woods
  • JUNE 13th - **** ****** ****
  • JUNE 26th - TRISK'S 200TH REVIEW (And not a slasher.  I had to break the pattern here)
  • JULY 1st - ********* ****
  • JULY 13th - *********** ****
  • JULY 26th - **** ****
  • AUGUST 1st - ******
  • AUGUST 13th - *** *********
  • AUGUST 26th - Trisk's annual anthology review.

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Jason Grey
--The Cenobite Webmonkey