Triskaidekafiles is a love letter to cheesy cinema from the 80s and 90s, with the occasional dip into other eras.  if you're a fan of MST3K, Elvira, Joe Bob Briggs, or just bad horror movies in general, Trisk is the place for you.

A*P*E (1976)


WRITERS: Paul Leder and Reuben A. Leder

DIRECTOR: Paul Leder

STARRING: Rod Arrants as Tom Rose
    Joanna de Varona as Marilyn Baker
    Alex Nicol as Colonel Davis
    Lee Nak Hoon as Captain Kim
    Woo Yun Jong as Mrs. Kim
    Jerry Harke as Lt. Smith

QUICK CUT: A loveable monkey runs amok in Seoul as people try and catch it before it can get into too much mischief!

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Scanners 3: The Takeover (1991)


WRITER: B.J. Nelson, Julie Richard, David Preston and Rene Malo

DIRECTOR: Christian Duguay

STARRING: Liliana Komorowska as Helena Monet
    Valerie Valois as Joyce Stone
    Daniel Pilon as Michael
    Collin Fox as Elton Monet
    Claire Cellucci as Suzy
    Michael Copeman as Mitch
    Sith Sekae as Monk
    Harry Hill as Dr. Bauman
    Chip Chuipka as Thomas
    Steve Parrish as Alex Monet

QUICK CUT: After her brother disappears and her father dies, a young woman inherits the family business, and has to deal with the headaches of running a company.

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Driller Killer (1979)


WRITER: N. G. St. John

DIRECTOR: Abel Ferrara

STARRING: Jimmy Laine as Reno
    Carolyn Marz as Carol
    Baybi Day as Pamela
    Harry Schultz as Dalton Briggs
    Alan Wynroth as Landlord
    Rhodney Montreal as Tony Coca-Cola

QUICK CUT: A struggling artist decides to get a bit handy around the house and fire up the old power drill.

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Hello Mary Lou: Prom Night II (1987)


WRITER: Screenplay by Ron Oliver

DIRECTOR: Bruce Pittman

STARRING: Michael Ironside as Bill Nordham
    Wendy Lyon as Vicki Carpenter
    Justin Louis as Craig Nordham
    Richard Monette as Father Cooper
    Lisa Schrage as Mary Lou Maloney
    Terri Hawkes as Kelly Hennenlotter
    Beverley Hendry as Monica Waters
    Brock Simpson as Josh
    Beth Gondek as Jess Browning

QUICK CUT: A charming tale about a young lady seeking to go to prom, but not having enough money for a new dress, until she meets someone who can help her out...

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The Jitters (1989)


WRITER: Screenplay by Jeff McKay and Sonoko Kondo

DIRECTOR: John M. Fasano

STARRING: Sal Viviano as Michael Derrick
    Marilyn Tokuda as Alice Lee
    James Hong as Tony Yang Sr.
    Frank Dietz as Rat
    John Quincy Lee as Tony Yang Jr.
    Handy Atmadja as Frank Lee
    Doug Silberstein as Leech

QUICK CUT: After her uncle passes, Alice tries to have him move on to a better place in accordance with the culture of her people, and trying to deal with the gang that caused his death.

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Blood Hook (1986)


WRITERS: Story by Gail Anderson, David Herbert, James Mallon, and Douglas Rand
    Screenplay by Larry Edgerton & John Galligan

DIRECTOR: James Mallon

STARRING: Mark Jacobs as Peter Van Clease
    Lisa Todd as Ann
    Patrick Danz as Rodney
    Sara Hauser as Kiersten
    Christopher Whitting as Finner
    Don Winters as Leroy Leudke
    Paul Drake as Wayne Duerst
    Bill Lowrie as Evelyn Duerst
    Sandy Meuwissen as Bev D.

QUICK CUT: A guy and his friends head up to the family summer home in Minnesota for a weekend on the lake, and along the way they meet the local best fisherman with scary good accuracy, and partake in the local muskie festival.

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Mutilations (1986)


WRITER: Lawrence Thomas

DIRECTOR: Lawrence Thomas

STARRING: Al Baker as Prof. Jim McFarland
    Katherine Hutson as Ann Bennett
    Shelly Creel as Libby Jones
    Bull Buckner as Buck Jenson
    Harvey Shell as Charley Hill
    John Bliss as Oliver Matson

QUICK CUT: A group of students head on a field trip to learn some local history from farmers, and come back changed.

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Killer Workout (1987)


WRITER: Ted A Prior

DIRECTOR: Ted A. Prior

STARRING: Marcia Karr as Rhonda
    David James Campbell as Lieutenant Morgan
    Fritz Matthews as Jimmy
    Ted Prior as Chuck
    Teresa Vander Woude as Jaimy
    Richard Bravo as Tom
    Dianne Copeland as Debbie
    Laurel Mock as Diane
    Teresa Truesdale as Rachael

QUICK CUT: People learn about the dangers of exercising too much at Rhonda's gym!

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Society (1989)


WRITER: Woody Keith and Rick Fry

DIRECTOR: Brian Yuzna

STARRING: Billy Warlock as Bill Whitney
    Devin Devasquez as Clarisa
    Evan Richards as Milo
    Ben Meyerson as Ferguson
    Charles Lucia as Jim
    Connie Danese as Nan
    Patrice Jennings as Jenny
    Ben Slack as Dr. Cleveland
    Tim Bartell as Blanchard
    Brian Bremer as Petrie

QUICK CUT: A deep look at the dangers the lower class pose to the better people of society.

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Phantasm (1979)


WRITER: Don Coscarelli

DIRECTOR: Don Coscarelli

STARRING: Michael Baldwin as Mike
    Bill Thornbury as Jody
    Reggie Bannister as Reggie
    Kathy Lester as Lady in Lavender
    Angus Scrimm as The Tall Man

QUICK CUT: Dealing with the loss of family and friends are never easy, but fortunately for Mike Pearson, he befriends the local mortician, who has some fun silver balls to play with.

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Phobe: The Xenophobic Experiments (1995)


WRITER: Story & Screenplay by Erica Benedikty

DIRECTOR: Erica Benedikty

STARRING: John Rubick as Sgt. Gregory Dapp
    Tina Dumoulin as Jennifer
    Lyon Tenbroeck as Rob
    Merv Wrighton as Phobe

QUICK CUT: A new man comes to Toronto in search of an old associate, and along the way he makes some friends and finds some eggs.

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The Baby (1974)


WRITER: Abe Polsku


STARRING: Anjanette Comer as Ann Gentry
    Ruth Roman as Mrs. Wadsworth
    Marianna Hill as Germaine Wadsworth
    Suzanne Zenor as Alba Wadsworth
    Beatrice Manley Blau as Judith
    David Manzy as Baby

QUICK CUT: A social worker investigates a family and comes to care for their youngest child, known only as Baby.

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A Nightmare on Elm Street 4: The Dream Master (1988)


WRITERS: Story by William Kotzwinkle and Brian Helgeland
    Screenplay by Brian Helgeland and Scott Pierce

DIRECTOR: Renny Harlin

STARRING: Robert Englund as Freddy Krueger
    Rodney Eastman as Joey
    Danny Hassel as Dan
    Andras Jones as Rick
    Tuesday Knight as Kristen
    Ken Sagoes as Kincaid
    Lisa Wilcox as Alice
    Toy Newkirk as Sheila
    Brooke Theiss as Debbie

QUICK CUT: It's another late night on Elm Street, as a local janitor comes back to town to deal with some unfinished business.

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The Galaxy Invader (1985)


WRITER: Don Dohler

DIRECTOR: Don Dohler

STARRING: Richard Ruxton as Joe Montague
    Faye Tilles as Carol Montague
    George Stover as JJ Montague
    Greg Dohler as David Harmon
    Anne Frith as Ethel Montague
    Richard Dyszel as Dr. William Tracy
    Kim Dohler as Annie Montague
    Theresa Harold as Vickie Johnson
    Don Leifert as Frank Custer
    Glenn Barnes as the Alien

QUICK CUT: An alien comes to Earth and befriends the children of a local family, but is soon hunted by the locals because of what he is.

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Bride of Re-Animator (1989)


WRITER: Story adapted by Woddy Keith & Rick Fry and Brian Yuzna
    Screenplay by Woddy Keith & Rick Fry

DIRECTOR: Brian Yuzna

STARRING: Bruce Abbott as Dan Cain
    Claude Earl Jones as Lt. Leslie Chapham
    Fabiana Udenio as Francesca Danelli
    David Gale as Dr. Carl Hill
    Kathleen Kinmont as Gloria/The Bride
    Mel Stewart as Dr. Graves
    Jeffrey Combs as Dr. Herbert West

QUICK CUT: A pair of doctors trying to save lives become the center of an investigation by the police.

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Friday the 13th: The Final Chapter (1984)


WRITERS: Screenplay by Barney Cohen
    Story by Bruce Hidemi Sakow

DIRECTOR: Joseph Zito

STARRING: Kimberly Beck as Trish
    Peter Barton as Doug
    Corey Feldman as Tommy
    E. Erich Anderson as Rob
    Crispin Glover as Jimmy
    Alan Hayes as Paul
    Barbara Howard as Sara
    Lawrence Monoson as Ted
    Joan Freeman as Mrs. Jarvis
    Judie Aronson as Samantha
    Camilla and Carey More as Tina and Teri

QUICK CUT: It's back to Crystal Lake as a local family welcomes their new neighbours for the weekend.  Local special needs man, Jason Voorhees, also pays them a visit.

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To All a Goodnight (1980)


WRITER: Alex Rebar

DIRECTOR: David Hess

STARRING: Jennifer Runyon as Nancy
    Forrest Swanson as Alex
    Linda Gentile as Melody
    William Lauer as T.J.

QUICK CUT: A group of girls at a finishing school spend their Christmas break in the dorm, and get a surprise visit from Santa Claus!

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Hellbent (1988)


WRITER: Richard Casey

DIRECTOR: Richard Casey

STARRING: Phil Ward as Lemmy
    Lyn Levand as Angel
    Cheryl Slean as Sally
    David Marciano as Tanas
    James Orr as Spike
    Phil Therrien as Duke
    Paul Greenstein as Willie
    Stanley Wells as Mr. Wells

QUICK CUT: A down on his luck rocker struggles to get ahead, and finds a great manager willing to back him and get the band off the ground.

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Winterbeast (1992)


WRITER: Christopher Thies

DIRECTOR: Christopher Thies

STARRING: Tim R. Morgan as Bill Whitman
    Mike Magri as Ranger Stillman
    Charles Majka as Charlie Perkins
    Bob Harlow as Dave Sheldon
    Lissa Breer as Ranger Bradford
    Chris Lenge as The Winterbeast
    Bill McLeod as Dick Sargent

QUICK CUT: A lodge in Western Massachusetts opens back up after several years of being closed for business.  But the tourists just don't know how to stay on the marked trails, and the rangers have to go searching through the forests.

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