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Puppet Master vs. Demonic Toys (2004)


WRITER: Courtney Joyner

DIRECTOR: Ted Nicolaou

STARRING: Corey Feldman as Robert Toulon

Vanessa Angel as Erica Sharpe

Danielle Keaton as Alex Toulon

Silvia Suvadova as Jessica Russell

QUICK CUT: A toy company seeks to stop a small time rival before their power grows too strong.

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Trisk's 200th Review

What is the 200th movie being reviewed for Triskaidekafiles?  It is part a series that has Cursed my very existence since this website began.  It got so bad that it felt like it was personally seeking Revenge upon me.  I stepped away from the series for awhile, but now it is time to go Retro with Trisk #200.  This, this shall be my Legacy.

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Retro Puppet Master (1999)


WRITER: Original story by Charles Band
    Screenplay by Benjamin Carr

DIRECTOR: Joseph Tennent

STARRING: Greg Sestero as Young Toulon
    Brigitta Dau as Ilsa/Elsa
    Jack Donner as Afzel
    Stephan Blackehart as First Servant
    Guy Rolfe as Elder Toulon

QUICK CUT: As we near our 100th review, and on this Friday the 13th, journey back with us to a time beyond time, puppets before puppets, and witness the creation of the Puppet Master, in this final review from the boxed set, and one of the main influences behind Trisk.

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Curse of the Puppet Master (1998)


WRITER: Benjamin Carr

DIRECTOR: David Decoteau, by way of Victoria Sloan

STARRING: George Peck as Dr. Magrew
    Emily Harrison as Jane
    Josh Green as Robert

QUICK CUT: Those puppets you just can't keep down are back again, and this time they're hanging out in cages while their new puppet master with no connection to any previous movie tries to get a dimwitted fella with a gift for carving to make a new puppet.

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Puppet Master 5 (1994)


WRITERS: Screenplay by Steven E. Carr, Jo Duffy, Todd Henschell, and Doug Aarniokoski & Keith Payson


STARRING: Gordon Currie as Rick Meyers
    Chandra West as Susie
    Ian Ogilvy as Jennings
    Teresa Hill as Lauren
    Nicholas Guest as Hendy
    Willard Pugh as Jason
    Duane Whitaker as Scott
    Guy Rolfe as Andre Toulon

QUICK CUT: More puppets, more demon puppets, more stabby action.  You get the drill by now, right?  This picks up shortly after Puppet Master 4, and finishes up the half baked, half finished plot of that movie.  Just like Harry Potter!

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Puppet Master 4 (1993)


WRITERS: Screenplay by Todd Henschell, Steven E. Carr, Jo Duffy, and Doug Aarniokoski & Keith Payson.


STARRING: Gordon Currie as Rick Myers
    Chandra West as Susie
    Jason Adams as Cameron
    Teresa Hill as Lauren
    Felton Perry as Dr. Carl Baker
    Stacie Randall as Dr. Leslie Piper
    Guy Rolfe as Andre Toulon

QUICK CUT: Toulon's puppets are back AGAIN, and this time their history is arguably delved into as the source of their magic life-giving elixir shows up to stop the secrets of it from being discovered.  Meanwhile, a tech geek is trying to create artificial life while playing with robots.

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Puppet Master 3 (1991)


WRITER: C. Courtney Joyner

DIRECTOR: David DeCoteau

STARRING: Guy Rolfe as Andre Toulon
   Sarah Douglas as Elsa Toulon
   Walter Gotell as General Mueller
   Ian Abercrombie as Dr. Hess
   Kristofer Logan as Lt. Eric Stein
   Aron Eisenberg as Peter Hertz
   Matthew Faison as Papa Hertz
   Richard Lynch as Major Kraus

QUICK CUT: Before Toulon's puppets were bloodthirsty killers, they lived simple lives as living puppet performers in his show.  But World War II changed all that, and changed Toulon, and things would never be the same again.

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Puppet Master 2 (1991)


WRITERS:  Story by Charles Band
   Screenplay by David Pablan

DIRECTOR: David Allen

Elizabeth Maclellean as Carolyn Bramwell/Elsa
   Collin Bernsen as Michael Kenney
   Gregory Webb as Patrick Bramwell
   Charlie Spradlin as Wanda
   Steve Welles as Andre Toulon
   Jeff Weston as Lance
   Nita Talbot as Camille Kenney

SYNOPSIS: The puppety ones are back to wreak vengance upon a group of paranormal investigators looking into the death of Alex Whitaker from the original movie.  And this time, they've brought their creator.

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   Story by Charles Band and Kenneth J. Hall
   Screenplay by Joseph G. Collodi

DIRECTOR: David Schmoeller

Paul Le Mat as Alex Whitaker
   Irene Miracle as Dana Hadley
   Matt Roe as Frank Forrester
   Kathryn O'Reilly as Carissa Stamford
   Jimmie F. Skaggs as Neil Gallagher
   Introducing Robin Frates as Megan Gallagher
   William Hickey as Andre Toulon

SYNOPSIS: A group of psychic researchers are drawn to a hotel in California where you can check out any time you like, but the killer puppets on the loose may have something different to say about that.

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