Triskaidekafiles is a love letter to cheesy cinema from the 80s and 90s, with the occasional dip into other eras.  if you're a fan of MST3K, Elvira, Joe Bob Briggs, or just bad horror movies in general, Trisk is the place for you.

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The Town That Dreaded Sundown (1976)


WRITER: Screenplay by Earl E. Smith

DIRECTOR: Charles B. Pierce

STARRING: Ben Johnson as Captain J.D. Morales
    Andrew Prine as Deputy Norman Ramsey
    Charles B. Pierce as Patrolman A.C. Benson
    Dawn Wells as Helen Reed

QUICK CUT: Very loosely based on a true story, when the small town of Texarkana is terrorised by one of the first serial killers in this country, people give in to fear, while the cops stumble around trying to solve the case before things get even worse.

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Dark Dealer (1995)


WRITERS: Screenplay by Tom Alexander and Wynn Winberg

DIRECTOR: Tom Alexander

STARRING: Richard Hull Jr. as Ray
    Kim Frazier as Denise
    Jeff English as Cracker
    Rocky Patterson as Pete
    Vincent Gaskins as Samson Burke
    Gordon Fox as Nickodemus
    Kevin Walker as Phillip Barton
    Deborah Nunez as Anne Taylor
    Mark Fickert as The Dealer

QUICK CUT: Running from a glowing orb of doom leads a guy into a blackjack game from hell, and the ante is his soul!

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Curtains (1983)


WRITER: Screenplay by Robert Guza Jr

DIRECTOR: Jonathan Stryker by way of Richard Ciupka

STARRING: John Vernon as Jonathan Stryker
    Linda Thorson as Brooke Parsons
    Samantha Eggar as Samantha Sherwood
    Anne Ditchburn as Laurian Summers
    Lynne Griffin as Patti O'Connor
    Sandra Warren as Tara Demillo
    Lesleh Donaldson as Christie Burns
    Deborah Burgess as Amanda Reuther
    Michael Wincott as Matthew

QUICK CUT: A director drags six actresses to his remote home in the middle of nowhere Canada to try and pick one for a coveted role in his next movie.  And then the women start to be literally cut from the competition.

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Slaughter High (1986)


WRITERS: George Dugdale, Mark Ezra, Peter Litten

DIRECTORS: George Dugdale, Mark Ezra, Peter Litten

STARRING: Caroline Munro as Carol
    Simon Scuddamore as Marty
    Kelly Baker as Nancy
    Sally Cross as Susan
    Billy Hartman as Frank
    Carmine Iannaccone as Skip
    Gary Martin as Joe
    Michael Saffran as Ted
    Josephine Scandi as Shirley
    John Segal as Carl
    Donna Yaeger as Stella

QUICK CUT: After an April Fool's prank goes horribly wrong, ten years pass, and revenge finally comes after the kids responsible.

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Ticks (1993)


WRITER: Brent V. Friedman

DIRECTOR: Tony Randel

STARRING: Rosalind Allen as Holly Lambert
    Ami Dolenz as Dee Dee Davenport
    Seth Green as Tyler Burns
    Virginya Keehne as Melissa Danson
    Ray Oriel as Rome Hernandez
    Alfonso Ribiero as Darell 'Panic' Lumley
    Peter Scolari as Charles Danson
    Dina Dayrit as Kelly Mishimoto
    Michael Medeiros as Jerry
    Barry Lynch as Sir
    Clint Howard as Jarvis Tanner
    Rance Howard as Sheriff Parker
    Judy Jean Berns as Dr. Kates

QUICK CUT: A bunch of trouble kids from the city are shipped out to the woods to get down with nature, and instead run smack dab into an infestation of mutated ticks.  Yeah, that'll make them run right back to the city.

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Dogs (1976)


WRITER: O'Brian Tomalin

DIRECTOR: Burt Brinckerhoff

STARRING: David McCallum as Harlan Thompson
    George Wyner as Michael Fitzgerald
    Eric Server as Jimmy Goodman
    Linda Gray as Miss Engle
    Barry Greenberg as Howard Kaplan
    Sterling Swanson as Dr. Morton Koppleman
    Sandra McCabe as Caroline Donoghue

QUICK CUT: The grounds of a California college are terrorised when every dog in the area begins to pack together and increase their groupthink like they're a bunch of insects.  Only a pair of scientists have any chance of figuring out what's going on.

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Scanners (1981)


WRITER: David Cronenberg

DIRECTOR: David Cronenberg

STARRING:  Jennifer O'Neill as Kim Obrist
    Stephen Lack as Cameron Vale
    Patrick McGoohan as Dr. Paul Ruth
    Lawrence Dane as Braedon Keller
    Michael Ironside as Darryl Revok
    Robert Silverman as Benjamin Pierce

QUICK CUT: The next evolution of humanity has been hiding in plain sight, but a war amongst them is growing.  What secrets do they hold, and how many heads will explode along the way?

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Metamorphosis: The Astral Factor (1990)


WRITER:  Story and Screenplay by Glenn Takakjian
    Additional story material by Ted A. Bohus

DIRECTOR: Glenn Takakjian

STARRING: Tara Leigh as Sherry Griffen
    Tony Gigante as Mitchell
    Dianna Flaherty as Kim Griffen
    Katherine Romaine as Nancy Kane
    George Gerard as Michael Foster
    Allen Lewis Rickman as Dr. Elliot Stein
    Patrick Barnes as Brian
    Greg Sullivan as Jarrett
    Marcus Powell as Dr. Viallini

QUICK CUT: A scientist's work is threatened when he is bitten by an alien creature he's experimenting on, and once he begins to transform, the experimentation is turned on himself.  What could possibly go...wait...

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Metamorphosis (1990)


Writer: Story by G.L. Eastman

Director: G.L. Eastman

Starring: Gene Le Brock as Peter Houseman
    Catherine Baranov as Sally Donnelly
    Harry Cason as Mike
    David Wicker as Willy
    Stephen Brown as Professor Lloyd
    Jason Arnold as Tommy

QUICK CUT: A scientist's work is threatened by budget cuts, so he does what any normal person would do, pulling a Bruce Banner and rushes the experiments forward on himself.  What could possibly go wrong?

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The Burning (1981)


WRITERS: Original story by Harvey Weinstein, Tony Maylam, Brad Grey
    Screenplay by Peter Lawrence and Bob Weinstein

DIRECTOR: Tony Maylam

STARRING: Brian Matthews as Todd
    Leah Ayres as Michelle
    Brian Backer as Alfie
    Larry Joshua as Glazer
    Jason Alexander as Dave
    Ned Eisenberg as Eddy
    Carrick Glenn as Sally
    Carolyn Houlihan as Karen
    Fisher Stevens as Woodstock
    Lou David as Cropsy

QUICK CUT: Hey, a bunch of kids at summer camp!  What could possibly go wrong?  Look!  A guy with a sharp weapon!

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Repligator (1996)


WRITER: Keith Kjornes
    Additonal material by Wynn Winberg and T.G. Weems

DIRECTOR: Bret McCormick

STARRING: Gunnar Hansen as Dr. Kildare
    Keith Kjornes as Dr. Oliver
    Randy Clower as Dr. Fields
    TJ Myers as Dr. Hardy
    Carl Merritt as Col. Sanders
    Rocky Patterson as Col. Sargeant
    Alan York as General Mills
    Tyler Mason as West

QUICK CUT: Military experiments go awry and turn soldiers into women.  And then there's alligator people.  Somehow.  Cover up poor Science's eyes, he doesn't wanna see this.

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Talisman (1998)


WRITER: Benjamin Carr

DIRECTOR: David DeCoteau as Victoria Sloan

STARRING: Billy Parish as Elias
    Walter Jones as Jacob
    Jason Adelman as Burke
    Ilinca Goia as Lilia

QUICK CUT: Just an averag boarding school for boys in the middle of nowhere Europe, until it is suddenly besieged by some dude with glowing eyes ripping out hearts.  Well, that's one way to ruin your test scores.

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Hellraiser (1987)


WRITER: Clive Barker

DIRECTOR: Clive Barker

STARRING: Andrew Robinson as Larry
    Clare Higgins as Julia
    Sean Chapman as Frank
    Robert Hines as Steve
    Ashley Laurence as Kirsty

QUICK CUT: After opening a mysterious macguffin, Frank Cotton disappears, but he is soon ressurrected.  Much to the dismay of many guys wandering around nearby.

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Demon Seed (1977)


WRITER: Based upon the novel by Dean R. Koontz
    Screenplay by Robert Jaffe and Roger O. Hirson

DIRECTOR: Donald Cammell

STARRING: Julie Christie as Susan Harris
    Fritz Weaver as Alex Harris
    Gerrit Graham as Walter Gabler
    Robert Vaughn as Proteus

QUICK CUT: At the dawning of the age of artificial intelligence, one of them wants to learn more about humanity, so takes control of a home automation system and makes one of us its personal lab experiment.

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Robot Wars (1993)


WRITERS: Based on an original idea by Charles Band
    Screenplay by Jackson Barr

DIRECTOR: Albert Band

STARRING: Don Michael Paul as Drake
    Barbara Crampton as Leda
    James Staley as Stumpy
    Lisa Rinna as Annie
    Danny Kamekona as Wa-Lee
    Yuji Okumoto as Chou-Sing
    Peter Haskell as Rooney

QUICK CUT: In another future that is vaguely similar to Robot Jox, but NOT THE SAME AT ALL, the last remaining mega robot is all that stands between the North Hemi nation being taken over by the Centros and the Eastern Alliance.  Brace yourselves for a lot of futurey sounding locations!

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Prom Night (1980)


WRITER:  Screenplay by William Gray
    From a story by Robert Guza Jr.

DIRECTOR: Paul Lynch

STARRING: Leslie Nielsen as Mr. Hammond
    Jamie Lee Curtis as Kim
    Casey Stevens as Nick
    Eddie Benton as Wendy
    Michael Tough as Alex
    Pita Oliver as Vicki
    David Mucci as Lou
    Marybeth Rubens as Kelly
    George Touliatos as McBride
    Jeff Wincott as Drew
    Joy Thompson as Jude

QUICK CUT: A horror from the past comes back to haunt several teens on their prom night, when a mysterious figure starts picking them off.

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TerrorVision (1986)


WRITER: Ted Nicolau

DIRECTOR: Ted Nicolau

STARRING: Diane Franklin as Suzy
    Gerrit Graham as Stan
    Mary Woronov as Raquel
    Chad Allen as Sherman
    Jonathan Gries as OD
    Jennifer Richards as Medusa
    Alejandro Rey as Spiro
    Bert Remsen as Grampa
    Randi Brooks as Cherry

QUICK CUT: After tinkering around with their new satellite dish, the Puttermans get paid a visit from an outer space trash monster, accidentally sent across the stars by a cosmic disposal gone horribly wrong.

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Bigfoot (1970)


WRITERS: Original story by Robert F. Slatzer
    Screenplay by Robert F. Slatzer and James Gordon White

DIRECTOR: Robert F. Slatzer

STARRING:  John Carradine as Jasper B. Hawks
    Joi Lansing as Joi Landis
    Judy Jordan as Chris
    John Mitchum as Elmer Briggs
    James Craig as Cyrus
    Christopher Mitchum as Rick
    Joy Wilkerson as Peggy
    Lindsay Crosby as Wheels
    Ken Maynard as Mr. Bennett
    James Stellar as Bigfoot

QUICK CUT: One day, a perfectly innocent traveling salesman is dragging his car through the backwoods when he runs afoul of a biker gang and a clan of Bigfeet.  Wackiness ensues.

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Leprechaun 3 (1995)


WRITER: David Dubos

DIRECTOR: Brian Trenchard-Smith

STARRING: Warwick Davis as the Leprechaun
    John Gatins as Scott
    Lee Armstrong as Tammy
    Marcelo Tubert as Gupta
    John DeMita as Fazio
    Caroline Williams as Loretta
    Michael Callan as Mitch

QUICK CUT: The adventures of the Leprechaun take him to Las Vegas, where luck rules supreme, as he once again searches for his missing gold and get into trouble.

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Leprechaun 2 (1994)


WRITERS: Turi Meyer and Al Septien

DIRECTOR: Rodman Flender

STARRING: Warwick Davis as The Leprechaun
    Charlie Heath as Cody
    Shevonne Durkin as Bridget
    Adam Biesk as Ian
    James Lancaster as William O'Day
    Sandy Baron as Morty

QUICK CUT: Luck has run run out for Bridget, as a curse dating back 1000 years comes back to haunt her, when the familiar gold-loving Leprechaun comes to claim his bride on St. Patrick's Day.

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