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Ticks (1993)


WRITER: Brent V. Friedman

DIRECTOR: Tony Randel

STARRING: Rosalind Allen as Holly Lambert
    Ami Dolenz as Dee Dee Davenport
    Seth Green as Tyler Burns
    Virginya Keehne as Melissa Danson
    Ray Oriel as Rome Hernandez
    Alfonso Ribiero as Darell 'Panic' Lumley
    Peter Scolari as Charles Danson
    Dina Dayrit as Kelly Mishimoto
    Michael Medeiros as Jerry
    Barry Lynch as Sir
    Clint Howard as Jarvis Tanner
    Rance Howard as Sheriff Parker
    Judy Jean Berns as Dr. Kates

QUICK CUT: A bunch of trouble kids from the city are shipped out to the woods to get down with nature, and instead run smack dab into an infestation of mutated ticks.  Yeah, that'll make them run right back to the city.

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