Triskaidekafiles is a love letter to cheesy cinema from the 80s and 90s, with the occasional dip into other eras.  if you're a fan of MST3K, Elvira, Joe Bob Briggs, or just bad horror movies in general, Trisk is the place for you.

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Hello Mary Lou: Prom Night II (1987)


WRITER: Screenplay by Ron Oliver

DIRECTOR: Bruce Pittman

STARRING: Michael Ironside as Bill Nordham
    Wendy Lyon as Vicki Carpenter
    Justin Louis as Craig Nordham
    Richard Monette as Father Cooper
    Lisa Schrage as Mary Lou Maloney
    Terri Hawkes as Kelly Hennenlotter
    Beverley Hendry as Monica Waters
    Brock Simpson as Josh
    Beth Gondek as Jess Browning

QUICK CUT: A charming tale about a young lady seeking to go to prom, but not having enough money for a new dress, until she meets someone who can help her out...

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Scanners (1981)


WRITER: David Cronenberg

DIRECTOR: David Cronenberg

STARRING:  Jennifer O'Neill as Kim Obrist
    Stephen Lack as Cameron Vale
    Patrick McGoohan as Dr. Paul Ruth
    Lawrence Dane as Braedon Keller
    Michael Ironside as Darryl Revok
    Robert Silverman as Benjamin Pierce

QUICK CUT: The next evolution of humanity has been hiding in plain sight, but a war amongst them is growing.  What secrets do they hold, and how many heads will explode along the way?

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