Triskaidekafiles is a love letter to cheesy cinema from the 80s and 90s, with the occasional dip into other eras.  if you're a fan of MST3K, Elvira, Joe Bob Briggs, or just bad horror movies in general, Trisk is the place for you.

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Boardinghouse (1982)


WRITER: Screenplay by Jonema

DIRECTOR: Johnn Wintergate

STARRING: Hawk Adley as Jim Royce/Gardener

Kalassu as Victoria

Alexandra Day as Debbie Hoffman

Joel Riordan as Joel Weintraub

Belma Kora as Sandy

Mary McKinley as Cindy

Tracy O'Brian as Suzie

Rosane Woods as Gloria

Cindy Williamson as Pam

QUICK CUT: A man inherits a home and turns it into a boardinghouse for a lot of ladies. Sexytimes and wackiness ensues, as he teaches them about life, the universe, and everything.

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Suffer, Little Children (1983)


WRITER: Meg Shanks

DIRECTOR: Alan Briggs

STARRING: Colin Chamberlain as Maurice

Ginny Rose as Jenny

Jon Hollanz as Mick Philips

Nicola Diana as Elizabeth

QUICK CUT: An up and coming rock star returns to the children’s home he grew up in, and does his best to help out in their times of struggle.

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Alien Beasts (1991)


WRITER: Carl J. Sukenick

DIRECTOR: Carl J. Sukenick

STARRING: Neal Dealosi as Neal the Traitor
    Joe Lapenna as Joe
    Sara Victor as Sara Shell
    Rhonda Crawford as Rhonda
    Deveen Dellisee as Enemy Agent
    Abe Sukenick as Security Officer
    Carl J. Sukenick as Carl

QUICK CUT: This movie is so incoherent I can't even form a good joke description of the plot.  There's aliens and radiation and weirdness abounds.

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The Video Dead (1987)


WRITER: Robert Scott

DIRECTOR: Robert Scott

STARRING: Roxanna Augesen as Zoe Blair
    Rocky Duvall as Jeff Blair
    Vickie Bastel as April Ellison
    Sam David McClelland as Joshua Daniels
    Jennifer Miro as The Woman

QUICK CUT: After buying a new house and finding a cursed television in the attack, Zoe and Jeff run afoul of zombies crawling out of the televisoon.

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Things (1989)


WRITERS: Andrew Jordan and Barry J. Gillis

DIRECTOR: Andrew Jordan

STARRING: Barry J. Gillis as Don Drake
    Amber Lynn as Herself
    Doug Bunston as Doug Drake
    Bruce Roach as Fred Horton
    Patricia Sadler as Susan Drake
    Jan W. Pachul as Dr. Lucas

QUICK CUT: A trio of Canadians hang out in the kitchen drinking beer and eating sandwiches, while in the next room a bunch of spider creatures that want to eat them in the face part of their faces and devour the rules of cinema are lurking.

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Sledgehammer (1983)


WRITER: David A. Prior

DIRECTOR: David A. Prior

STARRING: Ted Prior as Chuck
    Linda McGill as Joni
    John Eastman as John
    Jeanine Scheer as Mary
    Tim Aguilar as Jimmy
    Sandy Brooke as Carol
    Steve Wright as Joey
    Michael Shanahan as Lover
    Maria Mendez as Mother
    Doug Matley as Killer
    Ray Lawrence as The Driver
    Justin Greer as The Boy

QUICK CUT: A group of teens, or college students, or whatever, head out to the middle of nowhere to spend some time in a remote farmhouse.  Why are they there?  Besides getting drunk and getting killed?  Who knows!

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Revenge (1986)


WRITERS: Story by James Vance
    Written by Christopher Lewis

DIRECTOR: Christopher Lewis

STARRING: Patrick Wayne as Michael Hogan
    John Carradine as Senator Bradford
    Bennie Lee McGowan as Gracie Moore
    Josef Hardy as Doctor White

QUICK CUT: The blood cult is back!  Joel's brother comes to pay his disrespect, and gets sucked into the unanswered mysteries circling around this Oklahoman town.

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Blood Cult (1985)


WRITER: Stuart Rosenthal and additional dialogue by James Vance

DIRECTOR: Christopher Lewis

STARRING: Julie Andelman as Tina
    Charles Ellis as Ron
    Josef Hardt as Doc White
    James Vance as Joel
    David Brent Stice as Deputy

QUICK CUT: When a local sheriff is gearing up for his big reelection campaign, the worst happens and a slasher begins picking off college co-eds in Oklahoma.  What connection do these incidents have to an ancient order of witches, and will Sheriff Ron Labois find out before it's too late?

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The Ripper (1985)


WRITER: Bill Groves

DIRECTOR: Christopher Lewis

STARRING: Tom Schreier as Richard Harwell
   Mona Van Pernis as Carol
   Wade Tower as Steve
   Tom Savini as The Ripper
   Andrea Adams as Cindy

QUICK CUT: A college professor specialising in famous crimes in cinema coincidentally stumbles upon the lost ring of Jack the Ripper.  A ring which just so happens to contain the spirit of Jack, which is let loose upon the world once more.  Wackiness ensues.

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