Triskaidekafiles is a love letter to cheesy cinema from the 80s and 90s, with the occasional dip into other eras.  if you're a fan of MST3K, Elvira, Joe Bob Briggs, or just bad horror movies in general, Trisk is the place for you.

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Basket Case (1982)


WRITER: Frank Henenlotter

DIRECTOR: Frank Henenlotter

STARRING: Kevin VanHentenryck as Duane Bradley
    Terri Susan Smith as Sharon
    Beverly Bonner as Casey
    Robert Vogel as Hotel Manager
    Diana Browne as Dr. Kutter
    Lloyd Pace as Dr. Needleman
    Bill Freeman as Dr. Lifflanker

QUICK CUT: A young guy heads to the big city to see the sights, fall in love, kill some doctors, and start a new life.  Oh, and also, he has his formerly conjoined brother in a basket he always carries around.

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Trick or Treat (1986)


WRITER: Story by Rhet Topham
    Screenplay by Michael S. Murphey, Joel Soisson, Rhet Topham

DIRECTOR: Charles Martin Smith

STARRING: Marc Price as Eddie Weinbauer
    Tony Fields as Sammi Curr
    Lisa Orgolini as Leslie Graham
    Doug Savant as Tim Hainey
    Elaine Joyce as Angie Weinbauer
    Gene Simmons as Nuke
    Ozzy Osbourne as Rev. Aaron Gilstrom

QUICK CUT: When heavy metal superstar Sammi Curr dies suddenly, his biggest fan gets ahold of a unique copy of Sammi's final album, triggering a series of events that will lead to his idol's ressurection.

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They Live (1988)


WRITER: John Carpenter (As Frank Armitage)

DIRECTOR: John Carpenter

STARRING: Roddy Piper as Nada
    Keith David as Frank
    Meg Foster as Holly
    George "Buck" Flower as Drifter
    Peter Jason as Peter Jason
    Raymond St. Jaques as The Street Preacher

QUICK CUT: A drifter wanders into town, and wanders into a conspiracy to keep the populace of Earth complacent in the face of an alien invasion.  His only hope to save us is a pair of magic sunglasses and a bag full of one-liners.

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The Stuff (1985)


WRITER: Larry Cohen

DIRECTOR: Larry Cohen

STARRING: Michael Moriarty as David "Mo" Rutheford
    Andrea Marcovicci as Nicole
    Garrett Morris as "Chococlate Chip" Charlie
    Paul Sorvino as Colonel Spears
    Danny Aiello as Vickers
    Patrick O'Neal as Fletcher
    Scott Bloom as Jason

QUICK CUT: The new taste sensation sweeping across the nation is The Stuff!  Everyone loves it, everyone wants it, and no one can have just one bite!  The only downside is it eats you back from the inside out, and takes over your body for its own nefarious purposes.  Whatever that might be.

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Troll (1986)



DIRECTOR: John Carl Buechler

STARRING: Noah Hathaway as Harry Potter Jr.
    Michael Moriarty as Harry Potter Sr.
    Shelley Hack as Anne Potter
    Jenny Beck as Wendy Potter
    Sonny Bono as Peter Dickinson
    Phil Fondacaro as Malcom Mallory/Troll
    Brad Hall as William Daniels
    Anne Lockhart as Young Eunice
    Julia Louis-Dreyfus as Jeanette Cooper
    Gary Sandy as Barry Tabor
    June Lockhart as Eunice St. Clair

QUICK CUT: At long last, we turn our eyes towards a classic bad movie, in which Harry Potter stumbles into a magical world filled with trolls, wizards, witches, and dangers galore as...hey waitasec!

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The Thing From Another World (1951)


WRITER: Charles Lederer

DIRECTOR: Christian Nyby

STARRING: Margaret Sheridan as Nikki
    Kenneth Tobey as Captain Patrick Hendry
    Robert Cornthwaite as Dr. Carrington
    Douglas Spencer as Scotty
    James Arness as The Thing

QUICK CUT: A typical boring night at a military base in the middle of nowhere Alaska becomes increasingly less boring when they stumble upon an alien spacecraft.  Sadly, less boring means more killy.

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Home Sweet Home (1981)


WRITER: Thomas Bush

DIRECTOR: Nettie Pena

STARRING: Jake Steinfeld as Jay/The Killer
   Vinessa Shaw as Angel
   Peter De Paula as Mistake
   Don Edmunds as Bradley
   Charles Hoyes as Wayne
   David Mielke as Scott
   Leira Naron as Gail
   Lisa Rodriguez as Maria
   Colette Trygg as Jennifer
   Salee Young as Linda

SYNOPSIS: Guess who's coming to Thanksgiving dinner?  A crazed, escaped mental patient homicidal maniac high on PCP!

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Demons of Ludlow (1983)


WRITERS: William Arthur & Alan Ross

DIRECTOR: Bill Rebane

STARRING: Paul Van Hausen as the Preacher
   Stephanie Cushna as Debra
   James R. Robinson as Winifred
   Carol Perry as Ann Schultz
   C. Dave Davis as Mayor Sam Donaldson
   Debra Dulman as Sybill
   Angailica as Ludlow's daughter

QUICK CUT: The New England town of Ludlow is celebrating its bicentenial, and as part of the celebration, the descendant of the town's founder has sent an antique ivory piano as a gift.  Oh, and the piano contains murderous pilgrim demons.  Murderous.  Pilgrim.  Demons.

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The Ripper (1985)


WRITER: Bill Groves

DIRECTOR: Christopher Lewis

STARRING: Tom Schreier as Richard Harwell
   Mona Van Pernis as Carol
   Wade Tower as Steve
   Tom Savini as The Ripper
   Andrea Adams as Cindy

QUICK CUT: A college professor specialising in famous crimes in cinema coincidentally stumbles upon the lost ring of Jack the Ripper.  A ring which just so happens to contain the spirit of Jack, which is let loose upon the world once more.  Wackiness ensues.

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Horror High (1974)


WRITER: Jack Fowler

DIRECTOR: Larry N. Stouffer

STARRING: Pat Cardi as Vernon Potts
   Austin Stoker as Lieutenant Bozeman
   Rosie Holotik as Robin Jones
   John Niland as Coach McCall
   Joy Hash as Miss Grindstaff
   Mike McHenry as Roger Davis
   Jeff Alexander as Mister Griggs

QUICK CUT: Take the story of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, then transplant it to a high school in Texas with a nerdy kid killing his oppresors, and you get Horror High.

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Curse 2: The Bite (1988)


WRITERS: Susan Zelouf & Federico Prosperi

DIRECTOR: Fred Goodwin

STARRING: Jill Schoelen as Lisa Snipes
   J. Eddie Peck as Clark Newman
   Jamie Farr as Harry Morton
   Bo Svenson as The Sheriff

QUICK CUT: The aftermath of the events at the Gardner farm come home to roost, as the space goo infects more water and more people...wait, what?  This has nothing to do with the first movie?  At all?  Then what's this about?  A radioactive snake bites a guy and turns his arm into a snake?  What does that have to do with a meteor from space poisoning the water supply??  How is this a sequel?  Sigh.

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The Curse (1987)


WRITER: David Chaskin

DIRECTOR: David Keith

STARRING: Wil Wheaton as Zack
   Claude Akins as Nathan
   Malcolm Danare as Cyrus
   Cooper Huckabee as Forbes
   John Schneider as Willis
   Amy Wheaton as Alice
   Steve Carlisle as Davidson
   Kathleen Jordan Gregory as Frances

QUICK CUT: A young farmboy living with a cruel, religious father wishes he could escape into the stars aboard the Enterprise.  Instead, the stars come to him and makes Zack long for the days when his stepfather just backhanded him daily.

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SSSSSSS (1972)

WRITEN BY: Screenplay by Hal Dresner
   Story by Matt Striepeke

DIRECTED BY: Bernard L. Kowalski

Strother Martin as Dr. Carl Stoner
   Dirk Benedict as David Blake
   Heather Menzies as Kristine Stoner
   Richard B. Shul as Dr. Daniels
   Tim O. Connor as Kogen
   Jack Ging as Sheriff
   Kathleen King as Kitty
   Reb Brown as Steve, Randall

QUICK CUT: When Dr. Stoner needs a new research assistant for his herpetological research, he recruits David Blake from the local college.  Oh, and he turns him into a snake for shits and giggles.

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Species (1995)


WRITTEN BY: Dennis Feldman

DIRECTED BY: Roger Donaldson

STARRING: Ben Kingsley as Xavier Fitch
   Michael Madsen as Preston Lennox
   Alfred Molina as Stephen Arden
   Forest Whitaker as Dan Smithson
   Marg Helgenberger as Dr. Laura Baker
   Michelle Williams as Young Sil
   Natasha Henstridge as Sil

Quick Cut: After receiving the code for alien DNA in a response to our SETI experiments, scientists create a human/alien hybrid creature.  Once she escapes and feels the biological imperative to breed, a ragtag team of scientists and a mercenary try to track her down before she makes the human race irrelevant.

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Writer: Steve Hawks & Brad Grinter

Director: Steve Hawks & Brad Grinter

   Steve Hawks as Herschel
   And a bunch of other people

Synopsis: An upright young man named Herschel falls into the wild world of drugs and turkey testing.  After a bad reaction to a combination of illicit substances and bioengineered turkey, Herschel transforms into a strange half man, half turkey abomination with a taste that can only be slaked by draining the blood from addicts.

I couldn't make this up if I tried.

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