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Silent Night, Deadly Night 5: The Toy Maker (1991)


WRITERS: Martin Kitrosser and Brian Yuzna

DIRECTOR: Martin Kitrosser

STARRING: Jane Higginson as Sarah Quinn
    Tracy Fraim as Noah Adams
    Brian Bremer as Pino
    William Thorne as Derek
    Neith Hunter as Kim
    Amy L. Taylor as Merideth
    Eric Welch as Buck
    Van Quattro as Tom Quinn
    Clint Howard as Ricky
    Conan Yuzna as Lonnie
    Mickey Rooney as Joe Petto

QUICK CUT: After her husband is killed by a mysterious Christmas present that no one feels like investigating, Sarah and her son keep getting visited by people fom the last movie, and a strange toy maker and his son.  And then things get really, really weird.

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Silent Night, Deadly Night 4: Initiation (1990)


WRITERS: Story by S.J. Smith, Arthur H. Gorson, and Brian Yuzna
    Screenplay by Woody Keith

DIRECTOR: Brian Yuzna

STARRING: Maud Adams as Fima
    Tommy Hinkley as Hank
    Allyce Beasley as Janice
    Clint Howard as Ricky
    Neith Hunter as Kim
    Marjean Holden as Jane
    Jeanne Bates as Katherine
    Laurel Lockhart as Ann
    Ben Slack as Gus
    Conan Yuzna as Lonnie

QUICK CUT: Forget everything you ever knew about the Silent Night, Deadly Night series, folks!  Because this movies starts fresh!  So fresh it has nothing to do with Christmas!  Or Santas!  But it has plenty of a vindictive coven setting people on fire, and infecting people with worms!  Wait, what?!

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Silent Night, Deadly Night 3: Better Watch Out! (1989)


WRITERS: Screenplay by Carlos Laszlo
    From a story by C. Laszlo, M. Hellman, and A. H. Gorson

DIRECTOR: Monte Hellman

STARRING: Richard Beymer as Dr. Newbury
    Bill Moseley as Ricky
    Samantha Scully as Laura
    Eric Da Re as Chris
    Laura Herring as Jerri
    Elizabeth Hoffman as Granny
    Robert Culp as Lt. Connelly

QUICK CUT: The guy that just wouldn't die, Ricky Chapman, or Chambers, or Chuffed If I Know Anymore is still alive, somehow, but with serious brain damage from being in the first two films.  He is reached by a psychic though, and wakes up to kill everyone she knows as a way of saying thanks.

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Silent Night, Deadly Night 2 (1987)


WRITERS: Story by Lee Harry, Joseph E. Earle, Dennis Patterson, and Lawrence Applebaum
    Screenplay by Lee Harry and Joseph E. Earl


STARRING: Eric Freeman as Ricky Caldwell
    James L. Newman as Dr. Henry Bloom
    Elizabeth Cayton as Jennifer
    Jean Miller as Mother Superior
    Corinne Gelfan as Mrs. Rosenberg
    Michael Combatti as Mr. Rosenberg
    Kenneth Bryan James as Chip
    Frank Novak as Loan Shark
    Randy Baughman as Eddie
    Joanne White as Paula
    Nadya Wynd as Sister Mary
    J. Aubrey Island as Orderly
    Randy Post as Loudmouth in Theater

QUICK CUT: Crazy Billy's little brother is now all grown up, and thanks to his brother being shot to death at his feet, he's just as screwed up, and we get to hear all the gory details of his past craziness, as he sits in an interogation room and tells his tale to a psychiatrist.

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Silent Night, Deadly Night (1984)


WRITERS: Based on a story by Paul Cami
    Written by Michael Hickey

DIRECTOR: Charles E. Sellier, Jr

STARRING: Lilyan Chauvin as Mother Superior
    Gilmer McCormick as Sister Margaret
    Toni Nero as Pamela
    Robert Brian Wilson as Billy
    Linnea Quigley as Denise
    Randy Stumpf as Andy
    Britt Leach as Mr. Sims
    Tara Buckman as Mother
    Will Hare as Grandpa
    Leo Geter as Tommy
    Jeff Hansen as Father
    H.E.D. Redford as Captain Richards
    Amy Stuyvesant as Cindy
    Max Robinson as Officer Barnes

QUICK CUT: After a childhood trauma, a young boy grows up with an intense fear of Santa Claus, a belief in punishment for being naughty, and then he ends up working as a toy store Santa.  It's "What Could Possibly Go Wrong: The Movie"!

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