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Silent Night, Deadly Night 2 (1987)


WRITERS: Story by Lee Harry, Joseph E. Earle, Dennis Patterson, and Lawrence Applebaum
    Screenplay by Lee Harry and Joseph E. Earl


STARRING: Eric Freeman as Ricky Caldwell
    James L. Newman as Dr. Henry Bloom
    Elizabeth Cayton as Jennifer
    Jean Miller as Mother Superior
    Corinne Gelfan as Mrs. Rosenberg
    Michael Combatti as Mr. Rosenberg
    Kenneth Bryan James as Chip
    Frank Novak as Loan Shark
    Randy Baughman as Eddie
    Joanne White as Paula
    Nadya Wynd as Sister Mary
    J. Aubrey Island as Orderly
    Randy Post as Loudmouth in Theater

QUICK CUT: Crazy Billy's little brother is now all grown up, and thanks to his brother being shot to death at his feet, he's just as screwed up, and we get to hear all the gory details of his past craziness, as he sits in an interogation room and tells his tale to a psychiatrist.

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