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Ripper 2: Letter From Within (2004)


WRITERS: Screenplay by Jonas Quastel & John Sheppard
    Additional screenplay by Pat Bermel
    Story by Evan Tylor & Jonas Quastel

DIRECTORS: Lloyd A. Simandl & Jonas Quastel

STARRING: Erin Karpluk as Molly Keller
    Nicholas Irons as Erich Goeth
    Jane Peachey as Lara Svetlana
    Mhairi Steenbock as Juliette Dureau
    Colin Lawrence as Roberto Edwards
    Myfanwy Waring as Sally Trigg
    Daniel Cooman as Grant Jessup
    Richard Bremmer as Dr. Weisser

QUICK CUT: Molly Keller is still crazy, may or may not be Jack the Ripper's descendant, and still trying to get help.  This time, she's subjected to a highly experimental virtual reality treatment to cure her sociopathic tendencies, and it works a little too well.

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