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Trees 2: The Root of All Evil (2004)


WRITERS: Michael V. Pleckaitis
    Jim Lawter

DIRECTOR: Michael V. Pleckaitis

STARRING: Kevin McCauley as Ranger Mark Cody
    Philip Gardiner as Max Cooper
    Mary Ann Nilan as Helen Cody
    Brandi Lynn Coppock as Agent Bentley
    Ron Palillo as Dougie Styles
    Lorne Lakin as Deputy Dusty
    Trish Dunn as Darla Styles
    Raymond Michaud as Mayor Jim Swindell
    Brian Reid as Agent Royce
    Peter Randazzo as Squint

QUICK CUT: Just when you thought it was safe to watch a bad movie, Trees barfs up a sequel about Ranger Cody still being tormented by living, killer trees as a large group of them rampage through Hazelville, Vermont.

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Trees (2000)


WRITER: Michael Pleckaitis

DIRECTOR: Michael Pleckaitis

STARRING: Kevin McCauley as Mark Cody
    Peter Randazzo as Squint
    Philip Gardiner as Max Cooper
    Mary Ann Nilan as Helen
    Raymond Michaud as Swindell

QUICK CUT: Did you ever think Jaws was just an okay movie, but what it really needed was to be about killer pine trees?  Too bad, because that's what you're watching.

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