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Night of the Demons (2009)


WRITERS: Screenplay by Jace Anderson & Adam Giersach

DIRECTOR: Adam Giersach

STARRING: Shannon Elizabeth as Angela
    Monica Keena as Maddie
    Diora Baird as Lily
    Michael Copon as Dex
    Bobbi Sue Luther as Suzanne
    John F. Beach as Jason
    Edward Furlong as Colin

QUICK CUT: Angela, demons, possessed house, you know the drill by now.  Oh, but this time it's in New Orleans.

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Night of the Demons 3 (1997)


WRITER: Screenplay by Kevin S. Tenney

DIRECTOR: Jimmy Kaufman

STARRING: Amelia Kinkade as Angela
    Kris Holdenreid as Vince
    Gregory Calpakis as Nick
    Patricia Rodriguez as Abbie
    Stephanie Bauder as Holly
    Tara Slone as Lois
    Christian Tessier as Orson
    Joel Gordon as Reggie
    Vlasta Vrana as Dewhurst

QUICK CUT: Coming back for a threepeat, Angela just won't stay dead.  And this time, she's dragging another group of teens into Hull House to kill them off.  As opposed to the other two times she dragged kids to her house to kill them off.

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Night of the Demons 2 (1994)


WRITER: Joe Augustyn

DIRECTOR: Brian Trenchard-Smith

STARRING: Christi Harris as Bibi
    Darin Heames as Z-Boy
    Bobby Jacoby as Perry
    Merle Kennedy as Mouse
    Amelia Kinkade as Angela
    Rod McCary as Father Bob
    Johnny Moran as Johnny
    Rick Peter as Rick
    Jennifer Rhodes as Sister Gloria
    Christine Taylor as Terri
    Zoe Trilling as Shirley
    Ladd York as Kurt

QUICK CUT: Angela is back, and this time she has a sister, and a whole Catholic private school to mess with!

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Night of the Demons (1988)


WRITER: Joe Augustyn

DIRECTOR: Kevin S. Tenney

STARRING: Alvin Alexis as Rodger
    Allison Barron as Helen
    Lance Fenton as Jay
    William Gallo as Sal
    Hal Havins as Stooge
    Mimi Kinkade as Angela
    Cathy Podewell as Judy
    Linnea Quigley as Suzanne
    Philip Tanzini as Max
    Jill Terashita as Frannie

QUICK CUT: A group of teens gather at an abandoned funeral home for a Halloween party.  What could possibly go wrong??

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