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The Faculty (1998)


WRITER: Screenplay by Kevin Williamson
    Story by David Wechter & Bruce Kimmel

DIRECTOR: Robert Rodriguez

STARRING: Jordana Brewster as Delilah
    Clea DuVall as Stokely
    Laura Harris as Marybeth
    Josh Hartnett as Zeke
    Shawn Hatosy as Stan
    Salma Hayek as Nurse Harper
    Famke Janssen as Miss Burke
    Piper Laurie as Mrs. Olson
    Bebe Neuwirth as Principal Drake
    Robert Patrick as Coach Willis
    Jon Stewart as Mr. Furlong
    Elijah Wood as Casey

QUICK CUT: Aliens decide to take over the world, and start with a school in the middle of nowhere.  Because that's a good place for a takeover.

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