Triskaidekafiles is a love letter to cheesy cinema from the 80s and 90s, with the occasional dip into other eras.  if you're a fan of MST3K, Elvira, Joe Bob Briggs, or just bad horror movies in general, Trisk is the place for you.

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Octaman (1971)


WRITER: Harry Essex

DIRECTOR: Harry Essex

STARRING: Pier Angeli as Susan Lowry

Kerwin Mathews as Dr. Rick Torres

Jeff Morrow as Dr. John Willard

David Essex as The Indian

Jerome Guardino as Johnny Caruso

Buck Kartalian as Raul

The Octaman as HIMSELF!!

QUICK CUT: A mother tries to retrieve her children that keep being kidnapped by wicked scientists.

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Critters 3 (1991)


WRITERS: Story by Rupert Harvey and Barry Opper

Screenplay by David J. Schow

DIRECTOR: Kristine Peterson

STARRING: Aimee Brooks as Annie

John Calvin as Clifford

Katherine Cortez as Marcia

Leonardo DiCaprio as Josh

Geoffrey Blake as Frank

Diana Bellamy as Rosalie

William Dennis Hunt as Briggs

Frances Bay as Mrs. Menges

Bill Zuckert as Mr. Menges

Don Opper as Charlie

QUICK CUT: A wicked landlord tries to clear out a building, when an infestion of creatures seems poised to do the job for him.

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Puppet Master vs. Demonic Toys (2004)


WRITER: Courtney Joyner

DIRECTOR: Ted Nicolaou

STARRING: Corey Feldman as Robert Toulon

Vanessa Angel as Erica Sharpe

Danielle Keaton as Alex Toulon

Silvia Suvadova as Jessica Russell

QUICK CUT: A toy company seeks to stop a small time rival before their power grows too strong.

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Evil Sister (1996)


WRITER: Douglass Demarco

DIRECTOR: Douglass Demarco

STARRING: Kim Farina as Roxanne

Joanne Lee Rubino as Merrit

Sarah L. Komie as

Debbie Ha as Death Angel

Kurt Levee as Runnion

Joliebeth Cope as Michelle

Bob Dickinson as Tony

QUICK CUT: A woman is released from a mental institution after 15 years, and tries to adjust to the world around her.

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Phantasm III: Lord of the Dead (1994)


WRITER: Don Coscarelli

DIRECTOR: Don Coscarelli

STARRING: Reggie Bannister as Reggie

A. Michael Baldwin as Mike

Bill Thornbury as Jody

Gloria Lynne Henry as Rocky

Kevin Connors as Tim

Angus Scrimm as The Tall Man

QUICK CUT: Reggie and Mike are back again, to go after the man with the biggest balls in town.

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Nemesis (1992)


WRITER: Rebecca Charles

DIRECTOR: Albert Pyun

STARRING: Olivier Gruner as Alex

Tim Thomerson as Farnsworth

Cary-Hiroyuki Tagawa as Angie-Liv

Merle Kennedy as Max Impact

Marjorie Monaghan as Jared

QUICK CUT: Alex Rain, disgraced cop, goes on a quest to find his ex lover Jared, and along the way, maybe he finds himself as well.

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Death By Love (1991)


WRITERS: Screenplay by Alan Grant Based on a Story by Bil Andrews and Alan Grant

DIRECTOR: Alan Grant

STARRING: Alan Grant as Joel Yvonne Aric as Amy Erika Mills as Renee Peggilee Wupperman as Julie Brad Bishop as Rick Donald Hendrix as Mike Tamara Betz as Eleanor Frank McGill as Ed

QUICK CUT: An artist reunites with an old friend and introduces him to his girlfriend.

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Freddy's Dead: The Final Nightmare (1991)


WRITERS: Story by Rachel Talalay

Screenplay by Michael De Luca

DIRECTOR: Rachel Talalay

STARRING: Robert Englund as Freddy Krueger

Lisa Zane as Maggie

Shon Greenblatt as John

Lezlie Deane as Tracy

Ricky Dean Logan as Carlos

Breckin Meyer as Spencer

Yaphet Koto as Doc

QUICK CUT: While one man seeks to escape the prison he has been trapped in, another seeks his memories, and a desparate family connection. How will these two people cross paths, and what will it mean for the small town of Springwood?

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Nosferatu's Crush (2006)


WRITER: Mike Burke

DIRECTOR: Mike Burke

STARRING: Mike Burke as Vladimir Dracula

Malissa Longo as Rebekah

Lady Altovise as Agent Green

Kristy White as Agent Kelly

John Gaydos as Tony

Angalisha Marie as Electra & Evil Vampire

Sylvia Kovacs as Eliza

Xaviera Desgrottes as Serena

Katie Kyle Roche as Tara

QUICK CUT: A man is unfairly judged for the acts of his ancestors, becoming the target of an FBI investigation when some people turn up dead.

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Silent Night, Bloody Night: The Homecoming (2013)


WRITERS: James Plumb & Andrew Jones

DIRECTOR: James Plumb

STARRING: Mel Stevens as Diane Adams

Alan Humphreys as Jeffrey Butler

Philip Harvey as Wilfred Butler

Victor Ptak as Mayor Adams

Rosemary Smith as Tess Howard

Gary Knowles as Mason

Simon Riordan as The Figure/Patterson

Ceri Mears as Woronov

Adrienne King as "The Stranger"

QUICK CUT: A young man returns to his old family home for the first time in decades, and catches up with old friends and enemies.

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Suffer, Little Children (1983)


WRITER: Meg Shanks

DIRECTOR: Alan Briggs

STARRING: Colin Chamberlain as Maurice

Ginny Rose as Jenny

Jon Hollanz as Mick Philips

Nicola Diana as Elizabeth

QUICK CUT: An up and coming rock star returns to the children’s home he grew up in, and does his best to help out in their times of struggle.

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Blood Mania (1970)


WRITER: Screenplay by Toby Sacher and Tony Crechales

From a story by Peter Carpenter

DIRECTOR: Robert O’Neil

STARRING: Peter Carpenter as Craig

Maria de Aragon as Victoria

Vicki Peters as Gail

Reagan Wilson as Cheryl

Jacqueline Dalya as Kate

Leslie Simms as Nurse Turner

Eric Allison as Father

QUICK CUT: A family is reunited in the wake of their patriarch’s passing, and they struggle to come together to help the family doctor out of his financial woes.

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Thankskilling (2009)


WRITER: Kevin Stewart and Jordan Downey

DIRECTOR: Jordan Downey

STARRING: Lance Predmore as Johnny

Lindsey Anderson as Kristen

Ryan Francis as Darren

Aaron Carlson as Billy

Natasha Cordova as Ali

Chuck Lamb as Sheriff Roud

General Bastard as Oscar the Hermit

QUICK CUT: A group of friends head home over Thanksgiving break to reconnect and reconcile with family, and the darkness in one family’s past.

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Body Melt (1993)


WRITERS: Philip Brophy and Rod Bishop

DIRECTOR: Philip Brophy

STARRING: Gerard Kennedy as Sam Philips

Andrew Daddo as Johnno

Ian Smith as Dr. Carrera

Regina Gaigalas as Shaan

Vince Gil as Pud

Neil Foley as Bab

Anthea Davis as Slab

Matt Newton as Bronto

Adrian Wright as Thompson Noble

Jillian Murphy as Angelica Noble

Ben Geurens as Brandon Noble

Amanda Douge as Elouise Noble

Brett Climo as Brian Rand

Lisa McCune as Cheryl Rand

Nick Polites as Sal Ciccone

Maurie Annese as Gino Argento

William McInnes as Paul Matthews

Suzi Dougherty as Kate

QUICK CUT: A new resort and spa has opened up in Australia, and nearby Homesville will never be the same again!

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Horror House on Highway 6 (2014)


WRITER: Richard Casey

DIRECTOR: Richard Casey

STARRING: Joanna Bartling as Clementine

Sean McCracken as Joe Nick

Brian Papson as Mullet

Misty Madden as Elmira

William D. Caldwell as Dr. Kessel

Alan Ehrlich as Uncle Mac

Phil Therrien as Dr. Marbuse

QUICK CUT: Some folks head up into the California wilderness to investigate the legends of missing people. Sounds dangerous.

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Pumpkin Karver (2004)


WRITERS: Original story by Robert Mann

Screenplay by Robert Mann, Sheldon Silversteine

DIRECTOR: Robert Mann

STARRING: Amy Weber as Lynn Starks

Michael Zara as Jonathan Starks

Minka Kelly as Tammy Boyles

Terrence Evans as Ben Wickets

David Austin as Lance

David Wright as Alec/Pumpkinface

QUICK CUT: A group of kids head out to the local pumpkin patch for fun and games, and watch out for the Great Pumpkinface.

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Halloween 5: The Revenge of Michael Meyers (1989)


WRITERS: Michael Jacobs & Dominique O'thenin-Girard and Shem Bitterman

DIRECTOR: Domonique O’thenin-Girard

STARRING: Donald Pleasence as Loomis

Danielle Harris as Jamie

Ellie Cornell as Rachel

Beau Starr as Meeker

Jeffrey Landman as Billy

Tamara Glynn as Samantha

Jonathan Chapin as Mike

Matthew Walker as Spitz

Wendy Kaplan as Tina

QUICK CUT: Michael Myers returns after disappearing for a year to reunite with his family, and the town worried about his disappearance.

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