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Ripper: Letter From Hell (2000)


WRITER: Story by John Curtis and Evan Tylor
    Screenplay by Pat Bermel

DIRECTOR: John E. Eyres

STARRING: A.J. Cook as Molly Keller
    Bruce Payne as Marshall Kane
    Claire Keim as Chantal Etienne
    Ryan Northcott as Jason Korda
    Derek Hamilton as Eddie Sackman
    Courtenay J. Stevens as Aaron Kroeker
    Emmanuelle Vaugier as Andy Carter
    Daniella Evangellista as Mary-Anne Nordstrom
    Kelly Brook as Marisa Tavares
    Jurgen Prochnow as Detective Kelso

QUICK CUT: Five years after a massacre, sole survivor Molly Keller is off to college, and another string of murders begins amongst her classmates.  Oh, and there's some Jack the Ripper stuff involved, maybe.

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