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Night of the Demon (1980)


WRITER: Screenplay by Mike Williams
    From a story by Jim L. Ball

DIRECTOR: James C. Wasson

STARRING: Michael J. Cutt as Professor Nugent
    Melanie Graham as Wanda
    Paul Kelleher as Sheriff
    Lynn Eastman as Susan Nugent

QUICK CUT: A professor and a group of students wander into the woods to find Bigfoot, and instead find endless flashbacks and gore.

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Night of the Demon (1957)


WRITER: Screenplay by Charles Bennett and Hal E. Chester
    Based on a story by Montague R. James

DIRECTOR: Jaques Tourneur

STARRING: Dana Andrews as John Holden
    Peggy Cummins as Joanna Harrington
    Niall McGinnis as Doctor Karswell
    Maurice Denham as Professor Harrington
    Athene Seyler as Mrs. Karswell
    Laim Redmond as Mark O'Brien
    Richard Leech as Inspector Mottram
    Reginald Beckwith as Mr. Meek

QUICK CUT: While investigating the claims of whether or not demons are real, Doctor Holden discovers a deeper world of magic than he ever knew existed.

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