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What I'm Watching: Looper

Happy New Year!

I kicked off 2013, with one of the movies I wanted to see most in 2012, but just could not manage to do so, Looper.

Sadly, and it may have been my high expectations for what looked like an amazing and creative time travel movie, but it just did not grab me.

The movie WAS creative, and did some interesting things with what their idea of time travel was, and how changing the you of now would affect you of the future if he was in the present.  Fun, fun stuff, and damned creepy too.

The acting was solid, and while I never buy into JGL being a young Bruce Willis, they're both great to watch on screen, and he captures enough of Bruce's mannerisms and quirks that it's good enough.  Heck, movies ask us to belive people are related all the time, and we go with that, so this is fine.

I think where the movie stumbled was that it just didn't feel like it needed time travel.  It really is a pretty simple storyline, and all the time travel does is make the storytelling tricks become increasingly complex, when they don't really need to be.  The movie almost outthinks itself in this way.

But there's enough here to like, for many people, it just didn't grab me.  And that may well be my wanting to see it so bad, and waiting so long.  It may also be a matter of my mind being in 'critic mode' the first time I watched it, like it often is.  I can tell there's good in there, and this movie has a high probability to grow on me over time.

If you want a unique take on time travel theories, told inventively, then you really should see this movie.  I'm just not sure what else the movie is beyond clever narratives.

It certainly isn't a BAD movie, it just didn't click with me today, but maybe it will tomorrow.  Definitely give it a chance!

Or maybe it will yesterday. ;)