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What I'm Watching: Osombie

So they made a movie.

A movie about an undead zombie Osama Bin Laden.



This...sounds like it's gonna be terrible, isn't it?

I had major fears that it would come out and be nothing more than people running around, shooting zombie terrorists, and basically using it as an excuse to shoot Muslims.

And while you can kinda look at it that way, I think that would more be the case of the viewer seeing what they want to see.

This movie...well, it surprised me.

Fortunately, the actual "Osombie" is a very minor part of the overall plot.  Yes, there is some zombie Osama, but most of the movie is about the terrorist zombie horde, with him in the distant background, and really little more than a MacGuffin.  Whew.

The soldiering was WAY better than Zombie Strippers.  I'm no expert, and I'm sure a real soldier would nitpick the HELL out of this, it was fine enough by my standards.  If an actor believes what they're doing, makes ME believe what they're doing, they can usually do the most absurd shit and I'll buy it.  And they mostly pulled that off here.  The acting and soldier stuff was credible enough.

The acting was pretty decent, or decent enough for this sort of thing.  I'm not expecting Shakespeare, right?  They did their jobs well enough.  The writing helped, too.  Each soldier was well defined, and not just a fighting caricature.  They came away with depth, histories, and personalities.  VERY surprising in a movie like this, and even more so in the insane sort of plot this movie has.

You really come into this movie expecting nothing.  Nothing but sadness and pain.  So with such low expectations to have a movie with a decent enough story, even if it is very straightforward from point A to point B, then fill it with three dimensional characters, and even THEN handle the situation with us dealing with Muslim civilians with something of a deft touch and respect...

Yeah, I came away actually enjoying myself.

Granted, you should be warned that a lotta Muslim zombies go down, and a few American soldiers too.  Those things could push some people's buttons, but I think with them going into this movie knowing what they were going to have to do, they handled things well enough.

I'd actually say this is worth seeing if you get the chance.


Whoda thunk?