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What I'm Watching: Guns, Girls, & Gambling

This is a bit different, but feels right at home.

I came across this movie pretty randomly when I was seeing what was coming out this month, and it instantly caught my eye as just being...odd.

And the more I looked into it, the odder it got.

And the more awesome and tempting.  So yeah, I had to get this.

We've got Christian Slater, Powers Booth, Gary Oldman, and a lot of familiar character actors all hunting down an Apache war mask (or is it?) stolen from a Native American casino by one of any number of Elvis impersonators.

No one can be trusted, everyone lies, everyone has secrets, everyone has greed in their hearts.  These are the themes in the movie, and they are explored as the mystery unfolds with a ton of laughs and just utterly insane circumstances.

The plot is very grindhouse, in its over the top ideas and execution of them, although it never goes for the grindhouse style in the filmmaking, which is probably for the best.  We saw how well that went with Modus Operandi.  But the DNA is still clearly there, in just the right amounts.

This movie is IN SANE.  Just...crazy.  It takes a bit to get going, but once it does, it does not let up.  I am sure there are plot holes large enough to drive a bus through, that only get wider as the final act reveals twist upon twist, but it still adds up pretty well.  And is fun enough that I do not care.  I was along for the ride 100%.

The movie is far from perfect.  The acting is cheesy, the plot is insane in bad ways too, maybe a little too crazy, but this is likely entirely intentional, much like Hudson Hawk.  So I don't hold it against the movie, and in fact, it is part of the charm.  But the flaws might not be for everyone.

I absolutely had a blast watching this, and it is surely worth a look for anyone who is a fan of a good, if insane and maybe not entirely coherent mystery.

And how can you go wrong with a bad-ass woman quoting Edgar Allen Poe at every turn?