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And So it Begins

It's been a long week, but the day is finally here, and I can finally talk about it!

Ok, I could talk about it before, I just chose not to, to build suspense.  Because that's more fun.

Anyone with half a brain should have known that today, October 13TH would be the day I'd post the first review.  That was always the plan, even before I bought the URL.  What other day would this site post its first review?

And what movie did I review?  The very little known film from the early 1990s, Popcorn.  The movie is about a group of film students putting on a marathon to raise money.  And murder ensues.  It looks at films, pokes fun at them, and is such a weird little film, it was perfect to kick things off.  Be sure to click the now-functioning Reviews link to check it out.

But it was not without problems.  The final 20 minutes of my copy of the DVD ground to a halt.  Fortunately I have plenty of other players to use and had that as a backup plan, but it was still supremely frustrating.  It figures my first review would not go smoothly.

I am so glad that this is finally out there, and it was a blast revisiting this movie, and sharing it with everyone.  Let me know what you think of the review, what you like, what you didn't, what you'd like to see.  This is my first one, and if there's room for improvement, I need to hear it in order to change!