Triskaidekafiles is a love letter to cheesy cinema from the 80s and 90s, with the occasional dip into other eras.  if you're a fan of MST3K, Elvira, Joe Bob Briggs, or just bad horror movies in general, Trisk is the place for you.

A Nightmare on Elm Street 5: The Dream Child (1989)


WRITERS: Screenplay by Leslie Bohem
    Story by John Skipp & Craig Spector and Leslie Bohem

DIRECTOR: Stephen Hopkins

STARRING: Robert Englund as Freddy Krueger
    Lisa Wilcox as Alice
    Kelly Jo Minter as Yvonne
    Danny Hassel as Dan
    Erika Anderson as Greta
    Joe Seely as Mark

QUICK CUT: A woman gets pregnant while still in high school, and struggles with what everyone wants to do with the baby, including the local janitor, who may or may not be the father.

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Astro-Zombies (1968)


WRITERS: Screenplay by Ted V. Mikels and Wayne Rogers

DIRECTOR: Ted V. Mikels

STARRING: Wendell Corey as Holman
    John Carradine as Dr. DeMarco
    Tom Pace as Eric Porter
    Joan Patrick as Janine Norwalk
    Tura Satana as Satana
    Rafael Campos as Juan
    Joseph Hoover as Chuck Edwards
    Victor Izay as Dr. Petrovich
    William Bagdad as Franchot
    Vincent Barbi as Tiros   

QUICK CUT: A scientist tries to better our ability for space exploration, but some people don't agree with his methods, and others want to use them for their own gain.

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Beyond Re-Animator (2003)


WRITERS: Story by Miguel Tejada Flores
    Screenplay by Jose Manuel Gomez

DIRECTOR: Brian Yuzna

STARRING: Jeffrey Combs as Herbert West
    Jason Barry as Howard
    Elsa Pataky as Laura
    Enrique Arce as Cabrera
    Nico Baixas as Moses
    Lolo Herrero as Sergeant Moncho
    Raquel Gribler as Nurse Vanessa
    Simon Andreu as Warden Brando
    Santiago Segura as Speedball

QUICK CUT: A scientist strives to continue his revolutionary work from behind prison bars.

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Friday the 13th Part V: A New Beginning (1985)


WRITERS: Story by Martin Kitrosser & David Cohen
    Screenplay by Martin Kitrosser & David Cohen and Danny Steinmann

DIRECTOR: Danny Steinmann

STARRING: Melanie Kinnaman as Pam
    John Shepherd as Tommy
    Shavar Ross as Reggie
    Richard Young as Matt
    Marco St. John as Sheriff Tucker

QUICK CUT: After losing his family, Tommy Jarvis recovers from his trauma at a camp in the woods, and can't stop thinking of his long lost friend, Jason, while hoping to piece his life back together.

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Silent Night Bloody Night (1974)


WRITERS: Screenplay by Theodore Gershuny, Jeffrey Konvitz and Ira Teller
    Based on an original story by Jeffrey Konvitz and Ira Teller

DIRECTOR:  Theodore Gershuny

STARRING: Patrick O'Neal as John Carter
    James Patterson as Jeffrey Butler
    Mary Woronov as Diane Adams
    Astrid Heeren as Ingrid
    John Carradine as Towman
    Walter Abel as Mayor Adams
    Fran Stevens as Tess
    Walter Klavun as Sheriff Mason
    Phillip Bruns as Wilfred Butler 1929
    Staats Cotsworth as Voice of Wilfred Butler

QUICK CUT: Jeffrey returns home to deal with his grandfather's demise and sell off the family house.  Along the way, he meets the local town council and learns a lot about himself.

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Shock 'Em Dead (1991)


WRITER: Mark Freed, David Tedder, Andrew Cross

DIRECTOR: Mark Freed

STARRING: Traci Lords as Lindsay
    Troy Donahue as Record exec #1
    Aldo Ray as Tony
    Stephen Quadros as Angel/Martin

QUICK CUT: Dorky loser Martin is determined to hit it big as a heavy metal rocker, and he finds just the right people to help him out, but he will learn what a soul sucking machine the music industry can be.

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Slithis (1978)


WRITER: Stephen Traxler

DIRECTOR: Stephen Traxler

STARRING: Alan Blanchard as Wayne Connors
    Judy Motulsky as Jeff
    J.C. Claire as Dr. John
    Dennis Lee Falt as Dr. Erin Burick
    Mello Alexandria as Chris Alexander
    Win Condict as The Monster

QUICK CUT: Afer a rash of puppcides sweeps through Venice Beach, a journalist investigates to discover the true cause.

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The Truth About Demons (2000)


WRITER: Glenn Stranding

DIRECTOR: Glenn Stranding

STARRING: Karl Urban as Harry
    Katie Wolfe as Bennie
    Jonathon Hendry as Le Valliant
    Sally Stockwell as Celia

QUICK CUT: A man trying to recover from the loss of his brother six months ago goes on a quest to find his soul.

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Blood Diner (1987)


WRITER: Michael Sonye

DIRECTOR: Jackie Kong

STARRING: Rick Burns as Michael Tutman
    Carl Crew as George Tutman
    Roger Dauer as Mark Shepard
    LaNette La France as Sheba Jackson
    Lisa Guggenheim as Connie Stanton
    Drew Godderis as Anwar
    Tanya Papanicolas as Shitar/Bitsy

QUICK CUT: A pair of brothers who own and run a family diner, reunite with their long lost uncle, and bond over religion and food.

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Horror House on Highway 5


WRITER: Richard Casey

DIRECTOR: Richard Casey

STARRING: Phil Therrien as Dr. Marbuse
    Max Manthey as Gary
    Irene F as Sally Smith
    Michael Castagnolia as The Pothead
    Gina Christiansen as Louise

QUICK CUT: A group of students are given an assignment to do a term paper on a German rocket scientist, and their research into his life is not an easy one.

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Invisible: The Chronicles of Benjamin Knight (1993)


WRITER: Earl Kenton

DIRECTOR: Jack Ersgard

STARRING: Brian Cousins as Wade
    Jennifer Nash as Zanna
    Michael Dellafemina as Benjamin
    Curt Lowens as Drago
    David Kaufman as Ryder

QUICK CUT: A man has trouble being seen during work conflicts, and eventually lets someone else do all the work.

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The Pit and the Pendulum (1991)


WRITER: Screenplay by Denis Paoli

DIRECTOR: Stuart Gordon

STARRING: Lance Henriksen as Torquemada
    Rona de Ricci as Maria
    Jonathan Fuller as Antonio
    Frances Bay as Esmerelda
    Mark Margolis as Mendoza
    Jeffrey Combs as Francisco
    Stephen Lee as Gomez
    Oliver Reed as The Cardinal

QUICK CUT: In 15th century Spain, amidst the Inquisition, a man and woman struggle to stay together, even though their love goes against the wishes of the church.

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Halloween 4: The Return of Michael Meyers (1988)


WRITERS: Story by Dhani Lipsius & Larry Rattner & Benjamin Ruffner and Alan B. McElroy

DIRECTOR: Alan B. McElroy

STARRING: Donald Pleasence as Dr. Loomis
    Ellie Cornell as Rachel Carruthers
    Danielle Harris as Jamie Lloyd
    Michael Pataki as Dr. Hoffman
    Beau Starr as Sheriff Meeker
    Kathleen Kinmont as Kelly
    Sasha Jenson as Brady

QUICK CUT: After ten years in a coma, a man wakes up and is reunited with his family on Halloween.

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Night of the Creeps (1986)


WRITER: Fred Dekker

DIRECTOR: Fred Dekker

STARRING: Jason Lively as Chris
    Steve Marshall as J.C.
    Jill Whitlow as Cythia
    Tom Atkins as Detective Ray Cameron

QUICK CUT: A detective is haunted by his past, when that past comes back to haunt him, and he takes a college kid under his wing.

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Panic (1982)


WRITERS: Story and screenplay by Jaime Comas and Victor A. Catena

DIRECTOR: Anthony Richmond

STARRING: David Warbeck as Captain Kirk
    Janet Agren as Jane Blake
    Roberto Ricci as Professor Adams
    Jose R. Lifante as Sergeant O'Brien
    Jose Maria Labernie as Colonel Rudridge
    Franco Ressel as Mr. Milton

QUICK CUT: When a professor gets lost on a fishing trip, a man is called in to find him, as an entire community worries and unravels because of his absence.

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Maniac Cop 2 (1990)


WRITER: Larry Cohen

DIRECTOR: William Lustig

STARRING: Robert Davi as Detective Sean McKinney
    Claudia Christian as Susan Riley
    Michael Lerner as Edward Doyle
    Bruce Campbell as Jack Forrest
    Laurene Landon as Teresa Mallory
    Robert Z'Dar as Matt Cordell
    Leo Rossi as Turkell

QUICK CUT: The heartwarming story of a disgraced cop making friends with a local loser that everyone looks down on, as they struggle to find their way in the crazy streets of New York City.

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Hellraiser: Bloodline (1996)


WRITER: Peter Atkins

DIRECTOR: Alan Smithee

STARRING: Bruce Ramsay as Phillip L'Merchant/John Merchant/Dr. Paul Merchant
    Valentina Vargas as Angelique
    Kim Myers as Bobbi Merchant
    Christine Harnos as Rimmer
    Charlotte Chatton as Genevieve L'Merchant
    Paul Perri as Edwards/Skinless Parker
    Mickey Cotrell as Duc de L'Isle
    Louis Mustillo as Sharpe
    Louis Turene as Auguste
    Adam Scott as Jaques
    Pat Skipper as Carducci
    Wren Brown as Parker
    Doug Bradley as Pinhead

QUICK CUT: A space station is stolen, and it's up to a ragtag band of mercenaries to get it back, before its creator can put it to use in his nefarious purpose; creating multiple flashback stories!

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Drive-In Massacre (1976)


WRITERS: Screenplay by John Goff and Buck Flowers
    from an original story by Godfrey Daniels

DIRECTOR: Stu Segall

STARRING: Jake Barnes as Police Detective Mike Leary
    Douglas Gudbye as Germy
    Newton Naushaus as Austin Johnson
    Norman Sherlock as Orville Ingleson
    Michael Alden as Police Detective John Koch

QUICK CUT: Man, getting to a local drive-in can be murder...

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Critters (1986)


WRITERS: Story by Dominic Muir
    Screenplay by Dominic Muir and Stephen Herek

DIRECTOR: Stephen Herek

STARRING: Dee Wallace Stone as Helen Brown
    M. Emmet Walsh as Harv
    Billy Green Bush as Jay Brown
    Scott Grimes as Brad Brown
    Nadine Van Der Velde as April Brown
    Don Opper as Charlie McFadden
    Terrence Mann as Johnny Steele

QUICK CUT: An infestation of an intrusive species leads to problems on a local farm.

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