Triskaidekafiles is a love letter to cheesy cinema from the 80s and 90s, with the occasional dip into other eras.  if you're a fan of MST3K, Elvira, Joe Bob Briggs, or just bad horror movies in general, Trisk is the place for you.

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The Mutilator (1984)


WRITER: Buddy Cooper

DIRECTOR: Buddy Cooper

STARRING: Matt Mitler as Ed Jr.
    Ruth Martinez as Pam
    Bill Hitchcock as Ralph
    Connie Rogers as Sue
    Frances Raines as Linda
    Morey Lampley as Mike
    Jack Chatham as Big Ed
    Ben Moore as Cop

QUICK CUT: A group of college kids head out to Ed's beach condo to help close it down, and celebrate the end of summer, and end up meeting his dad!

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Madman (1982)


WRITERS: Screenplay by Joe Giannone
    Story by Joe Giannone and Gary Sales

DIRECTOR: Joe Giannone

STARRING: Alexis Dubin as Betsy
    Tony Fish as TP
    Harriet Bass as Stacy
    Seth Jones as Dave
    Jan Claire as Ellie
    Alex Murphy as Bill
    Jimmy Steele as Richie
    Carl Fredericks as Max
    Michael Sullivan as Dippy
    Paul Ehlers as Madman Marz

QUICK CUT: As a camp for gifted students closes for the fall, they meet a local farmer with an axe to grind.

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Cheerleader Camp (1988)


WRITERS: Story and screenplay by David Lee Fein, R.L O'Keefe

DIRECTOR: John Quinn

STARRING: Betsy Russell as Alison Wentworth
    Leif Garrett as Brent Hoover
    Lucinda Dickey as Cory Foster
    Lorie Griffin as Bonnie Reed
    Buck Flower as Pop
    Travis McKenna as Timmy Moser
    Teri Weigel as Pam Bentley
    Rebecca Ferratti as Theresa Salazar
    Vickie Benson as Miss Tipton

QUICK CUT: A group of cheerleaders head off into the woods for a nice, friendly competition, but some girls are just dying to be the winner.

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Sleepaway Camp (1983)


WRITER: Robert Hiltzik

DIRECTOR: Robert Hiltzik

STARRING: Mike Kellin as Mel
    Katherine Kamhi as Meg
    Paul DeAngelo as Ronnie
    Jonathan Tierston as Ricky
    Felissa Rose as Angela
    Karen Fields as Judy
    Christopher Collet as Paul
    Desiree Gould as Aunt Martha
    Owen Hughes as Artie
    Robert Earl Jones as Ben

QUICK CUT: A nice refreshing trip to summer camp, where boys can be boys, girls can be girls, first loves are made, and secrets are shared!

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Camp Fear


WRITER: Thom Keith

DIRECTOR: Thom Keith

STARRING: Vincent Van Patten as Professor Hamilton
    Betsy Russell as Jamie
    Nels Van Patten as Speedy
    Peggy Sands as Tiffany
    David Homb as Bill
    Mindy Myer as Melissa
    Mike Diamant as Frog
    Mark Twogood as Gas Jockey
    Buck Flowers as Wino
    Tiny Ron as The Druid

QUICK CUT: A group of college students head up into the mountains for an archaeological dig, and uncover an ancient site of druid rituals!

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Just Before Dawn (1981)


WRITERS: Screenplay by Mark Arywitz & Gregg Irving
    Based on a story by Joseph Middleton

DIRECTOR: Jeff Lieberman

STARRING: Chris Lemmon as Jonathan
    Gregg Henry as Warren
    Deborah Benson as Constance
    Ralph Seymour as Daniel
    Mike Kellin as Ty
    George Kennedy as Roy
    Jamie Rose as Megan
    Kati Powell as Merry Cat
    Charles Bartlett as Vachel
    John Hunsaker as Mountain Twins

QUICK CUT: It's just another friendly adventure of a group of friends traveling into the woods to check out some land Warren inherited, and along the way they meet a friendly hunter, and their neighbours!

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Don't Go in the Woods (1981)


WRITER: Original story and screenplay by Garth Eliassen

DIRECTOR: James Bryan

STARRING: Jack McClelland as Peter
    Mary Gail Artz as Ingrid
    James P. Hayden as Craig
    Ken Carter as Sheriff
    Larry Roupe as Store Owner
    Angie Brown as Joanne
    David Barth as Deputy Benson
    Tom Drury as Maniac

QUICK CUT: A group of friends wander on a nature hike and camping trip, and meet a strange hermit who would love to just be left alone.

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