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Body Melt (1993)


WRITERS: Philip Brophy and Rod Bishop

DIRECTOR: Philip Brophy

STARRING: Gerard Kennedy as Sam Philips

Andrew Daddo as Johnno

Ian Smith as Dr. Carrera

Regina Gaigalas as Shaan

Vince Gil as Pud

Neil Foley as Bab

Anthea Davis as Slab

Matt Newton as Bronto

Adrian Wright as Thompson Noble

Jillian Murphy as Angelica Noble

Ben Geurens as Brandon Noble

Amanda Douge as Elouise Noble

Brett Climo as Brian Rand

Lisa McCune as Cheryl Rand

Nick Polites as Sal Ciccone

Maurie Annese as Gino Argento

William McInnes as Paul Matthews

Suzi Dougherty as Kate

QUICK CUT: A new resort and spa has opened up in Australia, and nearby Homesville will never be the same again!

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