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Prom Night (2008)


WRITER: J.S. Cardone

DIRECTOR: Nelson McCormick

STARRING: Brittany Snow as Donna Keppel
    Scott Porter as Bobby
    Jessica Stroup as Claire
    Dana Davis as Lisa Hines
    Collins Pennie as Ronnie Heflin
    Kelly Blatz as Michael
    James Ransome as Detective Nash
    Johnathon Schaech as Richard Fenton
    Idris Elba as Detective Winn
    Jessalyn Gilsig as Aunt Karen Turner
    Linden Ashby as Uncle Jack Turner

QUICK CUT: After three years, a teacher obsessed with one of his students escapes to continue his quest to be with her, and everyone in the way be damned.  Oh, and it all happens at the most lavish prom ever.

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