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From Beyond the Grave (1973)


WRITERS: Screenplay by Robin Clarke and Raymond Christodoulou
    Based on stories by R. Chetwynd-Hayes

DIRECTOR: Kevin Connor

STARRING: Ian Bannen as Christopher Lowe
    Ian Carmichael as Reggie Warren
    Peter Cushing as The Proprietor
    Diana Dors as Mabel Lowe
    Margaret Leighton as Madame Orloff
    Donald Pleasence as Jim Underwood
    Nyree Dawn Porter as Susan Warren
    David Warner as Edward Charlton
    Ian Ogilvy as William Seaton
    Lesley Anne Down as Rosemary Seaton
    Jack Watson as Sir Michael Sinclair
    Angela Pleasence as Emily Underwood
    Wendy Allnut as Pamela
    Tommy Godfrey as Mr. Jeffries
    Ben Howard as Burglar
    John O'Farrell as Stephen Lowe
    Marcel Steiner as The Face

QUICK CUT: At a quiet antiques and knicknacks shop, the old proprietor just tries to sell his wares, while people keep screwing him over.  So his magic items get revenge in the most disproportionate ways possible!

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