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What I'm Watching: Messages Deleted

Back to the pile of little known thrillers I have lurking on my DVR, I've got Messages Deleted.

I like the idea this movie has, and even did a few movies like this for Trisk.  A writing professor starts having dead bodies pile up around him, and it becomes increasingly clear that these murders are based off a script he wrote some time ago.

It's kinda at home sitting next to Horror 101/102, although I will say this movie was better.

It stars Matthew Lillard as the professor, and he does an okay job.  I'm not a huge fan of his, and find most of his characters to be overly same-y.  But he pulls this off well enough.  It's still Lillard being his usual self, but it works well for the douchey writer type he's doing here.  Hey, if you're going to be typecast, at least make it work for the character, right?

The plot relies a little too heavily on convenience and coincidence though, as many of these movies do, but this one seems to do so more than others.  And you can kinda see some of the twists coming a mile away.  It piled on a few extra ones though that were pleasant enough surprises.

Even if they did just serve to overly complicate an already complex movie.

If Messages Deleted didn't go for as many twists, and stuck with a more standard narrative, this would have been a perfectly acceptable movie, but as it twists and turns back on itself in the last few minutes, it breaks under the weight of its own cleverness.  I still appreciate it for trying, but it just went that one or two twists too far.

I would say I mostly liked the movie, and found the journey to be intriguing, but ultimately the movie just shoots itself in the face.  It's a fun ride that ends up more or less where you'd expect, even if it takes the scenic route to get there.  And it will make you want to smack the driver in the back of the head when it's done.

Which is a weird way to give it a slightly above average recommendation, I guess. ;)