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What I'm Watching: Silent Hill - Revelation

Or Silent Hill 2, or Silent Hill: Revelation 3D or "Hey, look, a sequel with Sean Bean in it because he actually survived the first!"

First off, I have never played a moment of any SH game.  I am loosely familiar with the mythology and psychology of the property though, but far from an expert.

I was pleasantly surprised by this movie.

The first didn't blow me away, but it was definitely a solid thriller, although even *I* could tell that it was a bit off the beaten path from Silent Hill.  It wasn't bad in that respect, but it did play a bit fast and loose.

The second was closer, as far as I can tell, although I'm sure every SH fan reading these words is yelling at me right now. ;)

I think they nailed the core of what the series is, and at least did a fair job of the purpose and symbolism of the monsters was in the games, and translated it fairly enough to the screen.  It's not exact, but much like the Marvel Comics movies, they get the feel and spirit of the thing right.

The first few minutes was creepy as hell, and it drew me right in.  And it just got creepier as the movie went on.  There is some truly startling imagery here, as anyone who's familiar with the games would know.  Silent Hill has A LOOK and the movie definitely gets that right.

The acting is good, Sean Bean's part goes without saying.  Sharon/Alessa does a good job of playing the dual role, doing well with the innocence and the darkness.  I honestly wasn't sure they were the same person at first.

It's got a solid story that delves into the origins of the town, and the people in it, and they do a good job of presenting that story for the masses.  Is it exactly like the games?  Nah, but it works well for a film.

I definitely gives this movie a recommendation, and even for people who love the games, you should find plenty here to enjoy as well.