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Bits and Pieces

Careful, don't step on the body parts.

Holding off on a full What I'm Watching post again, but thought I'd post about some recent updates and such.  In the meantime, you can read my thoughts on Sucker Punch over at my LJ.

I hope everyone enjoyed the more recent movies reviewed for Ripper month.  They were fun to watch and ramble on about.  I liked bringing something a little more recent to the mix.  Don't worry though, we're diving back into the 20th century this month, and staying there for awhile, I think.

You might also notice a little button on the sidebar over there --> that you've been seeing all over the internet.  Yes, we are now on Facebook.  Click the button and like us!  Validate my existence and this site!  You should also head directly over to Trisk's Facebook page to follow news on the site, and get into discussions with myself and other fans.  I really look forward to seeing people over there, so don't disappoint me!

And finally, be sure to check out new friend of the site,! I've added them to the Links page, and wanted to give them a shout out here as well.  They contacted me a little while ago, and as you can tell they're fans of the Puppet Master movies as well.  They're working on puppet replicas of our little friends, and are doing some great work.  Definitely worth checking out, and I am glad to send some traffic their way.

I also plan to update the languishing Movie Cover Gallery, so bug me about that over the next few weeks until it's done.

That is all for now, hope you like the little tweaks, and stay tuned for a new review in about a week!  See you in the theatres, and on the Facebook!