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What I'm Watching: Hallow's Eve

And now it's time to wish all the ghouls and goblins a happy Halloween!

So of course, I have this little treat for you, and what more appropriate movie to take a quick look at than the aptly titled, Hallow's Eve?

This is one of this month's independent movies I've never heard of that I got drawn in by an intriguing trailer, and once again, the presence of Danielle Harris.

Oh, the movies I will sit through for her...but I digress.

Hallow's Eve follows the story of a young girl who gets seriously injured on her farm as a kid, when a bunch of kids tease her and chase her into the path of an oncoming tractor.  She survives, but is horribly scarred by the event, both physically and mentally.

Several years later, the kids are once again coming to the farm, to partake in the yearly Halloween haunted farm event the family throws.  It's not long before bodies start dropping, and you start wondering just what is going on.

Straight up, the best thing about this movie is Harris.  She puts in one HELL of a performance as the girl's mother, and brings much needed emotion and character to the film.  Everyone else never quite clicks for me, and that just makes Danielle's performance stand out all the more.

The haunted house like setting on a farm is also a highlight, as it gives lots of creepy places to kill people off, and it strikes me that there haven't been more Halloween themed movies set in places like this.  You would think a dark farm, with corn fields, and creepy decorations, and eerie characters would be a huge trope, but no.  The fact that the setting is most refreshing is another good reason to watch this movie.

This all leads to a pretty hefty body count, with some really good effects and deaths, so there's that at least.

But it all leads up to an ending that the same time, somehow completely obvious, mind boggling, and satisfying all at the same time?

It manages to give a little bit of a twist of presenting two killers, which I always like.  It allows you to throw suspicion off everyone and keep people guessing, and that actually works really well.  One of the killers is exactly who you think it is, and the other is...somehow logical, but never quite set up well to my satisfaction.

Still, there's enough here to like, and even the parts that are wince worthy are mostly in good fun, and given with a wink and a nod to the audience.  This movie knew it was campy, and it hit the mark pretty well.  I may have thrown my hands in the air in the last few minutes, but the movie wasn't ruined by the ending, so that's always a plus.

Hallow's Eve is a fun little bit of campy Halloween fun, and if you get the chance, I actually reccomend giving it a chance for your late night Halloween watching.