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What I'm Watching: Piranha 3DD

"Josh cut off his penis because something came came out of my vagina."

That line alone...oh gods, the price of admission right there.

My three word review of this movie is thus; dumb, but funny.


It had a LOT of laughs, but VERY little plot.  But you aren't really watching this for plot, are you?  Still, an attempt at a story would be nice.  Character arcs are basic, if there at all.  The extent of the story is 'piranhas show up, we shoot piranas, piranhas are dead, movie is over."

Along the way though, the cast does some hilarious shit though.

There's nothing to this movie but boobs, blood, and laughs.  It is unashamedly nothing more than that.  It is entertaining as all hell, but SO lacking in any meat.

Unless you're a piranha, in which case there is plenty for you to feed on here.

It is hard to recommend this movie.  The first was fun, and had something to it, but this tossed aside everything that was good, for the sake of boobs and blood.  It's a bit of a letdown.  But if you don't mind an utterly pointless movie that WILL make you laugh, go for it.


Still trying to figure out the name...