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What I'm Watching: Butterfly

Boy, that sure doesn't sound like a movie I'd watch from the title, does it?

The plot, however, is about a director of sleazy horror movies being kidnapped by his number one fan, tied down, and shown her own attempt at filmmaking.

And then things take a darker turn.  Sounds a bit "Misery" but it gets different pretty quick.

Laney's film is a collection of short vignettes, of her meeting people, seducing them in various ways, and then killing them.

Except it turns out she's really killing them.  And director Cole knows them all.  The reasons behind all this make for a compelling enough story, and the final twists really bring it all together in a great way.

This movie isn't great.  It's very low budget.  But the story is pretty unique, and told in an interesting way, with decent enough acting from the two people that need to be good actors.

Laney is great, and each vignette allows her to show a different character.  Mandi Kreisher is clearly the breakout talent of this movie.  Each character is distinctive, yet similar, for reasons that become clear, and for someone so small, she really does sell the menace, and vulnerability of the character.

I enjoyed Butterfly, even with it's low-budget flaws.  It was entertaining enough.  I wouldn't say rush out to get it, but it's a fine movie to see if you come across it one night.

And way better than Clown Hunt.