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What I'm Watching: Some Guy Who Kills People

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This time out, I've got Some Guy Who Kills People.  How is that for a title?!  Starring the guy who played Sam Weiss in a half-dozen or so episodes of Fringe.  And the moment that clicked for me, I was quite amused.  Also, Barry Bostwick as a smart-ass, aging sheriff.

Some Guy is about a comic book fan, who back in high school was beaten and tormented for his obsession.  Years later, after a stay in a mental institution, the people who tormented Kenny Boyd, begin to drop dead.

Gee, whyever would I check such a movie out?

The movie starts off well enough, and has some amazing kills, but I think it gets bogged down a little too much in the more normal aspects of Kenny's life, and trying to deal with the sudden revelation that he has an 11 year old daughter he never knew about.  It's like there are two movies competing for space, and they never quite mesh.  This becomes less of a problem about two thirds of the way through the movie, but it took awhile for things to get to a balancing point.

I did really appreciate the black streak of humour, though.  I only wish there had been MORE of it.  I'm not sure if someone insisted it get toned down, but again, the balance just feels off.  You'll have long stretches of normal behaviour, and then just really jarring, dark bits of comedy.

Which I love, they just feel like someone poured Mountain Dew in my coffee.

I don't want to say too much about the ending, since I both saw it coming, and had the movie surprise me.  If you've seen the movie, I would be more than glad to discuss it further.  Or if you don't care, I'll spill the beans privately. ;)

As the movie ended, I felt myself in a rather good place about it.  There are not many movies about a mentally unstable potential revenge killer that you can stop and say, "Well, that was quite charming!"  The movie started to lose me at one point, but they really brought me around by the end.

A pleasant surprise, but still a little uneven with a few rough edges.  They don't ruin the movie, but I can't help feeling that it just didn't quite come off the way they thought it might.  They capture this little slice of midwestern Americana so perfectly, at least in the style and feel, if not the exact loation.  They ended up with a few lurking palm trees, but you don't really notice them.  The lemon tree though...  But I digress.  The feeling and tone is there.

Some Guy Who Kills Me is definitely worth seeing, as long as you don't expect greatness.

And yes, this is WAY WAY better than Clown Hunt.