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What I'm Watching: Iron Sky

And back once more!

I first heard about Iron Sky something like two, three years ago, it seems.  The first trailer was amazing.  It was low budget, but still looked great, and had this amazing premise of a lost colony of space Nazis hiding on the far side of the moon.  Yet, it did not take itself too seriously, which is probably a good thing when you're talking Nazis.

Finally, the movie came out on DVD recently, and I gotta say, this is yet another great, great movie to come out this year.  How awesome has 2012 been?

Anyways, you get the premise.  Space Nazis.  Who finally have the means to come back to Earth, and wreak a little havoc.

The movie is wonderfully shot, filmed on this grand scale, which was only achievable with their budget by using copious amounts of green screen, but it totally works for them.

The cast is great, the story wavers from making you laugh, to dead seriousness, to political satire, and back to social commentary.  All wrapped up in some clever, unique scifi trappings.  A movie described as "Space Nazis hiding on the Moon invade the Earth" should NOT be this good.

Sometimes it gets a bit weak, as the low budgetness shines through, but they know their limitations well enough to not try and go too far at times.  Even though they still pulled off an epic space scene or two.

There are a few moments of uncomfortableness, such as the Nazis Aryanising a black man, but that plot thread serves some purpose to the overall narrative, and ends well, at least, so the squirming it gave me turned out okay.

I would probably describe Iron Sky as one of the biggest little movies I've seen in awhile.  It is a must see for any science fiction fans, and likely you already want to see it, if you've seen the trailers.