Triskaidekafiles is a love letter to cheesy cinema from the 80s and 90s, with the occasional dip into other eras.  if you're a fan of MST3K, Elvira, Joe Bob Briggs, or just bad horror movies in general, Trisk is the place for you.

Welcome to Triskaidekafiles!

Hello, ghosts and ghouls!

Welcome to, a project I have wanted to make for a very, very long time.

I have a deep rooted love of bad horror movies, and the late night weekend shows that would show such affection for the genre.  The days of such programming are pretty much gone, but the movies are still here.

Since the television no longer has such programming as USA's Up All Night or TNT's MonsterVision, or Mystery Science Theatre 3000, I wanted to make a site where I could share my own love for these films, and humbly follow in those massive footsteps.

And what better time to start a website devoted to bad horror movies (And even the good ones!) than during the month of October?

I hope to hear from anyone reading these words, since I'm doing it for everyone out there who loves this stuff as much as I do.

Let's tap a vein and see what flows.

Jason Grey