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What I'm Watching: Devil's Night Edition

If you get the reference, you can probably guess what movie I've recently watched.  For those that don't get quite get it; I've rewatched the original Crow movie.

I do this once a year, on October 30th, or as it's known in certain parts of the US, and in the film, as Devil's Night.

The Crow is, flat out, probably my favourite movie.  I remember going to see it with friends in 1994 in the theatres, and I was totally enthralled.  None of the other films ever captured the magic the original did, although the tv series?  Not half bad.

The action, the emotion, the's a really well told film.  It has a few weird moments, some corn, but as a whole, it is a really solid piece of storytelling, that has at it's core a lot of heart, and something to say.

Lately, I've also been rewatching with others the tv miniseries (For lack of a better term), Harper's Island, from earlier this year.  At the time it aired, I thought it was ok, with some cool moments, but rewatching it?  I'm really enjoying it.  The first few episodes are a little slow, but around episode five or six, things really hit the fan, and the show reaches a whole new level.  For those unfamiliar with it, HI was a 13 part series on CBS, that was a murder mystery/thriller about a wedding party that got caught up in a new string of murders on a remote island where the reception and week-long event of the wedding was being planned.  It's got some classic horror tropes, and once it is all said and done, is a very complete story, and the big twists actually hold up and supported by the earlier episodes, so it's not exactly out of nowhere.

And tonight, was a very fun episode of Medium.  Medium's not my fave show, and I probably watch it out of momentum more than anything, but tonight's episode was Halloween themed, with the lead character having frequent dreams based in the original Night of the Living Dead, using copious amounts of footage, with Patricia Arquette edited into the Barbara role.  This was a blast to watch, and if you didn't see it, it might be worth folks catching it on Hulu later.  Or wherever it can be found.

Well, have a safe and happy Halloween everyone, and I'll be around.