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Tales That Witness Madness (1973)


WRITER: Original screenplay by Jay Fairbank

DIRECTOR: Freddie Francis

STARRING: Kim Novak as Auriol
    Georgia Brown as Fay
    Joan Collins as Bella
    Jack Hawkins as Nicholas
    Donald Houston as Sam
    Michael Jayston as Brian
    Suzy Kendall as Ann/Beatrice
    Peter McEnery as Timothy
    Michael Petrovitch as Kimo
    Donald Pleasence as Tremayne
    Russell Lewis as Paul
    Leon Lissek as Keoki
    Mary Tamm as Ginny
    Zohra Segal as Malia
    Frank Forsyth as Uncle Albert

QUICK CUT: A doctor shows off his patients to a colleague in a series of vignettes, all tying back together in hopes of not seeming too crazy himself.

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