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Happy Birthday to Me (1981)


WRITERS: John Saxton, Peter Jobin, Timothy Bond

DIRECTOR: J. Lee Thompson

STARRING: Melissa Sue Anderson as Virginia
    Glenn Ford as Dr. Faraday
    Lawrence Dane as Hal Wainwright
    Sharon Acker as Estelle
    Tracy Bregman as Ann
    Jack Blum as Alfred
    Matt Craven as Steve
    Lenore Zann as Maggie
    David Eisner as Rudi
    Michel Rene Labelle as Etienne
    Richard Rebiere as Greg
    Lesleh Donaldson as Bernadette
    Lisa Langlois as Amelia

QUICK CUT: As Virginia's birthday draws near, memories from the accident that took her mother away from her begin to resurface, just in time for her friends to start dropping like flies.

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