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Graduation Day (1981)


WRITERS: Written by Anne Marisse and Herb Freed
    Story by David Baughn

DIRECTOR: Herb Freed

STARRING: Christopher George as Coach Michaels
    Patch Mackenzie as Anne Ramstead
    E.J. Peaker as Blondie
    E. Danny Murphy as Kevin
    Michael Pataki as Guglione
    Richard Balin as Roberts
    Carmine Argenziano as Halliday
    Virgil Frye as MacGregor
    Beverly Dixon as Elaine Ramstead
    Hal Bokar as Ronald Corliss
    Linnea Quigley as Dolores
    Denise Cheshire as Sally
    Billy Hufsey as Tony
    Tom Hintaus as Pete
    Carl Rey as Ralph
    Karen Abbott as Joanne
    Vanna White as Doris

QUICK CUT: A Navy ensign returns to her childhood home to celebrate her sister's graduation, and the impending wedding with her high school sweetheart.

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