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Frozen Scream (1975)


WRITERS: Screenplay by Doug Ferrin, Michael Soney & Celeste Hammond
    Story by Renee Harmon & Doug Ferrin

DIRECTOR: Frank Roach

STARRING: Renee Harmon as Lil Stanjope
    Lynne Kocol as Ann Girard
    Thomas Gowen as Kevin McGuire
    Wolf Muser as Tom Girard
    Bob Rochelle as Kirk Richard
    Lee James as Sven Johnson
    Sunny Bartholomew as Cathrin
    Wayne Liebman as Father O'Brien

QUICK CUT: When one man dies, a cop reunites with his lost love, and the pair of them try to get to the heart of the mystery behind a strange group of cloaked figures, and frozen zombies.  Yeeeah, this is a weird one.

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