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What I'm Watching: Dead Snow

This movie has been around for awhile, and I've been meaning to watch it forever, but just never got around to it, for a number of reasons.  A friend bugged me about it, and I saw I could watch it on Amazon Prime, and finally did just that!

This movie is AMAZING.

It is, quite possibly, in my top five zombie movies of all time.  Definitely top 10?  Maybe?  I hate lists.

The plot is, much like Dredd, very straight forward.  Your typical kids head off to a weekend stay in a cabin off in the woods.  While there, they end up running afoul of a lost group of Nazi soliders.

Who happen to be zombies.

The characters manage to be pretty likable, even despite the language barrier.  Yes, this movie is subtitled.  But you don't need words for zombie carnage.

The plot is just different enough that this doesn't feel like a complete retread of *either* zombie movies, or the 'cabin in the woods' subgenre.

Putting zombies in the snow makes them all the more terrifying, because you can have them hidden in plain sight.  And the blood stains on the pure white snow is great, visually.

Almost every single death of a major character is fun and inventive, and the carnage of the zombies is over the top, amazing, and just perfect.  And boy, was there a ton of Nazi zombies to hack up!  The movie was just moving along nicely, nothing special, doing it's thing, but it went to a whole new level when the literally never ending stream of Nazis JUST KEPT COMING.  That put the movie over the top for me, and I am grateful for it.

If you're a zombie fan, or a fan of movies on this sight, Dead Snow is a MUST SEE.  I enjoyed it thoroughly, and now that I've seen it, will be adding it to my collection soon.