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What I'm Watching: Best Worst Movie

So, right after watching Troll 2, I watched the documentary made almost 15 years after the fact that took a look at the strange cult following the movie has aquired, where the cast is now, and a little behind the scenes.

This is such a fascinating story.  It really centers around the actor who played the father in the movie, who's real career is as a dentist.  Not surprisingly, his acting career was mostly unknown, until the weird popularity of Troll 2 took off in the 21st century.

He's just as baffled by the popularity as I am, but he goes along with it, is swept up in the whole craziness of the fandom, going to showings, having a blast, getting annoyed at convention appearances (With some seriously scathing commentary that is both true and a little infurating to me), and eventually he tires of it and goes back home to his dentistry practice.

There's more to it than that, but the rise and fall of his interest in the fandom (He still has it, don't get me wrong, but even he says the joke wears thin after awhile), is a great throughline to follow this movie.  It gives you an in on all kinds of things, and just works as a way to explore the weird movie known as Troll 2.

The best stuff here, for me, is the behind the scenes stuff.  Finding out just what the hell went wrong with this movie, and how much of it WAS DELIBERATE is just mind blowing.  The director thinking his little movie was a serious project, and is more or less exactly what he wanted, and spends a lot of his appearance in BWM *defending* Troll 2 is crazy.

I'm not a big documentary guy, but this was good to watch, and packed with even more footage on the DVD going even more behind the scenes of the making of Troll 2.  It manages to have a decent story to it and be more than just "And this happened, then this, and this".  If you're a fan of Troll 2, or if you can't stand the movie and want to see what the hell went wrong, this is worth a look.